Crupper Pad for Spanish Saddle

Price 24,99 €
La grupera Zaldi vaquera es acolchada con dos correas, para engancharla a la silla. Tiene un protector de la concha y un asa para poder agarrarse.  Medidas: Grupera: 45 cm. de alto y 68 cm de ancho. Concha: 20 cm. de alto y 30 cm de ancho.
  • -24,05 €

Haf Dressage Numnah

Regular price 120,04 €
-24,05 € Price 95,99 €
The active fibres and textiles have air tunnels and are therefore capable of capturing and dispersing heat Colours: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow and orange.

Memory Foam Saddle MARJOMAN

Price 63,99 €
The Memory Foam sweatshirt is made especially for Marjoman thinking about the welfare of the horse. Made in an innovative three-dimensional fabric super breathable with texture "honeycomb", very light, comfortable and resistant. Easy to clean and quick drying. Prevents the accumulation of...

Marjoman Memory Pad sweatshirt

Price 79,99 €
Marjoman Memory Pad sweatshirt is made in Spain , and is designed for horse welfare. Features: Sweatshirt made of a very soft material, breathable and resistant to rubbing. Waterproof and washable. The interior, made of Memory Foam, is a double density foam that adapts to the...

Lexhis PVC Dressage Sweatshirt

Price 59,99 €
The Lexhis PVC dressage sweatshirt is totally waterproof and very easy to clean. Ideal size for English dressage chairs and general use. Includes a hole in the cross to adapt a crossbar. Color: black

Castecus General Purpose Padded Sweatshirt

Price 15,99 €
The Zaldi Castecus general purpose padded sweatshirt is very comfortable, fluffy, strong, durable and easy to wash. + Specifications Composition 35% cotton and 65% polyester. White cotton inner part.
  • -19,44 €

Zaldi Black Trim PVC Eskadron Dressage Sweat Jacket

Regular price 92,43 €
-19,44 € Price 72,99 €
The dressage sweatshirt made of PVC Eskadron with Zaldi cross guard has the following characteristics: Absorbent. Eliminates sweat due to its porous structure. Fluffy. Cushions the rider's weight. Flexible. Resistant. One size.
  • -15,62 €

Eskadron PVC Numnah

From Regular price 73,61 €
-15,62 € Price 57,99 €
Available in the following models: All-purpose. Dressage. With relief pad.


Price 29,99 €
Colours: Blue, White/Red-trimmed, Yellow, Black, Brown, White, Red, Green, White/Blue-trimed and White/ Green-trimmed.
  • -22,35 €

Haf Raid Numnah

Regular price 100,34 €
-22,35 € Price 77,99 €
Colours: orange, green, blue, yellow, black, mustard...
  • -20,21 €

All Purpose Numnah

Regular price 100,20 €
-20,21 € Price 79,99 €
Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable and therapeutic. Colours: white, black, red, brown, green, blue, grey, yellow and orange.

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