• -€7.44

Sudadero Marjoman Para Silla Portuguesa

Regular price €54.54
-€7.44 Price €47.10
El sudadero Marjoman para silla portuguesa es una opción ideal para garantizar la comodidad de tu caballo durante los entrenamientos o paseos. Aquí tienes algunos puntos clave sobre este producto: Diseño Específico : Este sudadero está diseñado...
  • -€27.28

Memory Foam Saddle MARJOMAN

From Regular price €80.17
-€27.28 Price €52.88
The Memory Foam sweatshirt is made especially for Marjoman thinking about the welfare of the horse. Made in an innovative three-dimensional fabric super breathable with texture "honeycomb", very light, comfortable and resistant. Easy to clean and quick drying. Prevents the accumulation of...
  • -€16.07

Zaldi Black Trim PVC Eskadron Dressage Sweat Jacket

Regular price €76.39
-€16.07 Price €60.32
The dressage sweatshirt made of PVC Eskadron with Zaldi cross guard has the following characteristics: Absorbent. Eliminates sweat due to its porous structure. Fluffy. Cushions the rider's weight. Flexible. Resistant. One size.
  • -€5.50

Sudadero Acolchado De Uso General Castecus

Regular price €14.83
-€5.50 Price €9.33
El sudadero acolchado de uso general Castecus de Zaldi es muy cómodo, mullido, resistente, duradero y fácil de lavar. + Especificaciones Composición 35% algodón y 65% poliéster. Parte interior de algodón blanco.

Lexhis PVC Dressage Sweatshirt

Price €41.31
El sudadero Lexhis PVC doma, es totalmente impermeable y muy fácil de limpiar. Tamaño ideal para las sillas inglesas de doma clásica y uso general. Incluye un hueco en la cruz para adaptar un salvacruz. Color: negro.
  • -€17.36

Marjoman Memory Pad sweatshirt

Regular price €85.95
-€17.36 Price €68.59
Marjoman Memory Pad sweatshirt is made in Spain , and is designed for horse welfare. Features: Sweatshirt made of a very soft material, breathable and resistant to rubbing. Waterproof and washable. The interior, made of Memory Foam, is a double density foam that adapts to the...

Round Numnah with Relief Pad

Price €24.79
Comfortable sweater round for general use. Padded . Made of cotton, with a soft synthetic top for maximum comfort. Dimensions 52cm high x 56cm wide.
  • -€19.88

Haf Dressage Numnah

From Regular price €99.21
-€19.88 Price €79.33
Dom's welder with lifeguards. Anti-allergic, antibacterial, breathable and therapeutic Active fibers that encapsulate and dissipate heat. The special AIR-SYSTEM system in the shape of a honeycomb allows perfect sweating of the horse's back, drastically reducing the accumulation of heat and...

Crupper Pad for Spanish Saddle

Price €20.65
The group Zaldi cowgirl it's padded with two straps to hook it to the chair. It has a shell protector and a handle to hold onto. Measures Grouper: 45 cm high and 68 cm wide. Shell: 20 cm high and 30 cm wide.
  • -€11.26

Eskadron PVC Numnah

From Regular price €60.83
-€11.26 Price €49.58
Available in the following models: All-purpose. Dressage. With relief pad.


Price €24.79
Colours: Blue, White/Red-trimmed, Yellow, Black, Brown, White, Red, Green, White/Blue-trimed and White/ Green-trimmed.
  • -€18.47

Haf Raid Numnah

Regular price €82.93
-€18.47 Price €64.45
Weld for raid with lifeguards. Includes the a special system AIR-SYSTEM it's in the shape of a honeycomb, which allows perfect sweating from the horse's back, drastically reducing the accumulation of heat and moisture under the saddle. The perfect spheres of the AIR SYSTEM system let out...
  • -€16.70

All Purpose Numnah

Regular price €82.81
-€16.70 Price €66.11
Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable and therapeutic. Colours: white, black, red, brown, green, blue, grey, yellow and orange.
  • -€13.22

Sudadero Marjomn canvas chair espaola

Regular price €54.54
-€13.22 Price €41.31
Canvas Marjomán sweatshirt for Spanish chair Colors: white / brown, white / black and red / yellow.

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