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Cámara 4K 48MP con Wifi y Bluetooth Totalmente Invisible

Regular price 229 €
-99,01 € Price 129,99 €
La Cámara 4K 48MP con Wifi y Bluetooth ofrece una versatilidad inigualable en una amplia gama de aplicaciones, desde la caza y la vigilancia hasta la observación de la vida silvestre en su estado más natural. Una de las características más notables de esta cámara es su pantalla IPS a...
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Cámara con Avisador de Animales/Intrusos Última Generación

Regular price 329 €
-129,01 € Price 199,99 €
Especificaciones técnicas: Sensor de imagen: CMOS 4.0MP, Max 14,0MP (interpolación). Memoria: Apta para tarjeta SD de hasta 128 GB (no incluido). Lente: F/1,6 f=4mm, el CDV:90°. Velocidad de disparo: 0.4 seg. Led INFRARROJOS: 940nm/38PC. Ángulo de detección: 120°....

Cámara Térmica Hikmicro Explorer E20 Plus

Price 389,90 €
Cámara Térmica Hikmicro Explorer E20 Plus La Cámara Térmica Hikmicro Explorer E20 Plus es una excelente opción para los entusiastas de las actividades al aire libre. Con capacidades de captura de imágenes y grabación de vídeos, esta cámara térmica ofrece una forma conveniente de...
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FTS adapter for viewfinder

Regular price 219 €
-13,01 € Price 205,99 €
FTS support to hold the camera to the viewfinder. This comfortable coupling will allow you to film through your viewfinder, while you pull the trigger. The holder is ambidextrous and 100% waterproof. * Does not include viewfinder
  • -28,01 €

Tactacam 6.0 Ultra Camera

Regular price 469 €
-28,01 € Price 440,99 €
The Tactacam 6.0 Ultra Camera is Designed for hunting, features 8x zoom, image stabilization, Wi-Fi, high-quality lens with vision like the human eye, low-light sensor, touch screen, point function red, one-touch operation, supports remote control, easy to use, and waterproof. Features:...
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Wildgame Cloak Lights Out Animal Detection Camera 24 MP

Regular price 199,99 €
-80 € Price 119,99 €
Wildgame Cloak Lights Out 24MP Animal Detection Camera Features 36-Piece Lighting System, Captures Images and Videos, Features Up to 65ft Range, Invisible Infrared Flash and Bulbs, Quiet Operation, Up to One Year Battery duration, exposure settings, and offers HD photos and 720p videos....
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Animal Detection Camera Kit Batteries SD Card Stealth Cam Combo Prevue 26

Regular price 229 €
-69,01 € Price 159,99 €
The Prevue 26 Stealth Cam Combo Animal Detection Camera Kit   includes 1 26 MP camera , 8 AA batteries and 1 SD card . The camera stands out for its internal 2.4" color TFT screen where you can see the photos and videos you have captured. You can get photos of up...


Price 9,99 €
Kingston CANVAS micro SD card is compatible with Android and Raspberry Pi, as well as action cameras, animal detection and other devices. Characteristic: It offers A1 performance which makes charging speeds really fast, as well as allowing you to capture images and videos at maximum...
  • -12 €

Cordless Infrared Volumetric Detector

Regular price 39,99 €
-12 € Price 27,99 €
You may place different volumetric detectors if you wish, in different areas of your home to control them. It admits up to 15 detectors with only one camera.. Cordless infrared volumetric detector. It detects any movementt inside its field of view.
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Scouting Camera with Animal or Intruder Detector Via Message or E-Mail

Regular price 299,95 €
-79,96 € Price 219,99 €
No Glow Invisible Black IR New detector with one of the fastest transmission velocity of all wireless cameras. This means that not only takes the pictures faster, but also improves the useful life of the battery. It's the first wireless camera that can be set in an inmediate way, you only...
  • -24,91 €
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Wireless Hunting Alarm

Regular price 79,90 €
-24,91 € Price 54,99 €
Easy assembly. Wireless alarm that will warn you in a 100% effective way when the animal is in the area where you have placed the alarm. It's composed by an emitter and a receiver especially designed for hunting. You need to place the sensor in the place desired and it will send an alarm to the...


Price 9,99 €
Security padlock for use with surveillance cameras. Place your camera in a strategic position and don't worry! with this padlock you will be totally safe.
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Support for hunting cameras

Price 39,99 €
Support for hunting cameras Universal support, ideal to place your camera in places where there is no tree to fix it. 360º horizontal rotation and 270º vertical rotation. Detachable in 2 pieces for easy transport. Made of strong steel and with sharp legs easy to nail. Height: 86.5 cm.
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Lector de memoria para cámaras de caza

From Regular price 29,95 €
-9,96 € Price 19,99 €
Lector de memoria para cámaras de caza Práctico accesorio que permite el visionadode las fotos guardadas en la tarjeta de lacámara en su móvil o tableta. Compatiblecon prácticamente todos los modelos detarjeta existentes en el mercado. Disponible tanto para Apple como para Android El...
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Adjustable stand for digital cameras

Regular price 39,99 €
-15 € Price 24,99 €
Support for digital cameras with a comfortable, compact and fully adjustable design. 100% safe , you can place your camera wherever you want, with total security. It screws easily to any tree and has a complete rotary adjustment: 360º !! , as well as a vertical adjustment of 220º. Very easy...
  • -60 €
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20 megapixel digital camera with Black Flash

Regular price 159,99 €
-60 € Price 99,99 €
Magnificent 20 megapixel digital camera, with a black flash that allows you to capture images in full darkness . Quick and easy setup thanks to the Quick Set. 5 - 15 - 30 second movie recording. Burst mode : up to 3 images per shot. 12 Infrared emitters that guarantee the best...
  • -70 €

32 Megapixel GMAX digital camera with integrated screen

Regular price 299 €
-70 € Price 229 €
The GMAX32 digital camera incorporates a host of new features that maximize image quality while maintaining an affordable price. Stealth's GMAX series of trail cameras includes software innovations and a 2.4-inch TFT color screen so you can see all images and videos clearly and...
  • -6,01 €

Midland H5 Pro 4K 30fps 5MP Action Camera

Regular price 119 €
-6,01 € Price 112,99 €
The Midland H5 Pro 4K 30fps 5MP Action Camera goes Pro with the waterproof case, it has 4K 30fps video quality, 4K recording, 2" rear LCD screen, image stabilizer, built-in Wi-Fi, and can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet via the DV KING 4K app. Features. Video:...
  • -10,02 €

Midland H9 Pro 4K 30fps 20MP Action Camera

Regular price 179,01 €
-10,02 € Price 168,99 €
The Midland H9 Pro 4 K 30 fps 20 MP Action Camera becomes Pro, it has a 4K HD 30 fps 20 MP resolution, it is waterproof up to 30 m deep, with autonomy of 18 hours and 128 GB. In addition, the touch screen is very convenient, and the camera can be controlled from the smartphone through the...

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