• -€4.01

Caña Daiwa Megaforce Tele

From Regular price €34.00
-€4.01 Price €29.99
La  Caña Daiwa Megaforce Tele  es ideal para pescadores que les guste moverse, también para pescar en barco, gracias a que al plegarse ocupa poco espacio. A continuación, detallamos sus características clave: Blank de carbono : Proporciona la rigidez y sensibilidad necesarias para abordar la...
  • -€34.01

Caña Daiwa Ninja Trout 393ML

Regular price €114.00
-€34.01 Price €79.99
La C aña Ninja Trout 393 ML de Daiwa cuenta con las siguientes especificaciones: Blank de carbono. Enchufe invertido. Anillas monopatas sobreelevadas de óxido de aluminio. Portacarretes regulable hasta la base del talón. Puño antiderrapante de goma retráctil efecto corcho con...
  • -€4.00

Caña Mitchell MX1 Tele Lure Spinning

From Regular price €36.99
-€4.00 Price €32.99
La  Caña Mitchell MX1 Tele Lure Spinning  es una c aña telescópica con anillas lance, de fácil transporte, perfecta para iniciarse en la pesca con señuelos. Características: Caña Mitchell MX1 Tele Lure Spinning: Caña telescópica con anillas lance, fácil de transportar, para iniciarse en...

Caña Shimano Yasei LTD Zander Spinning

La  Caña Shimano Yasei LTD Zander Spinning  está diseñada para la pesca en río desde la orilla del lucioperca, con un blank híbrido que permite clavar el anzuelo en la boca huesuda del lucioperca, incluso frente a luciopercas de grandes dimensiones. Características: Caña Shimano Yasei...
  • -€7.28

Caña Lineaeffe Zander Tele Spin

Regular price €37.27
-€7.28 Price €29.99
La Caña Lineaeffe Zander Tele Spin es una caña telescópica para spinning, muy fácil de transportar. Características: Material: Fibra de carbono, ligera y resistente. Anillas: Permiten utilizar líneas finas, y lanzar con precisión. Mango:  De corcho y neopreno, para un agarre firme...
  • -€3.91

Sert Exceed Telespin Rod

From Regular price €44.90
-€3.91 Price €40.99
The Sert Exceed Telespin Rod is a telescopic rod, with rings for light casting, for casting. Features: Sert Exceed Telespin Rod: Telescopic casting rod. Material: Carbon "Technifibre", high resistance. Knob: Aluminum. Handle: EVA and cork. Reel seat: Screw. Rings:...
  • -€16.91

Rod Sert Exceed Telepike TWX

From Regular price €71.90
-€16.91 Price €54.99
The Sert Exceed Telepike TWX Rod is a universal telescopic rod. Features: Sert Exceed Telepike TWX Rod: Universal telescopic rod. Material: Carbon ?Technifibre?, high resistance. Knob: Aluminum. Handle: Non-slip "soft touch". Reel Seat: Tubular. Rings: sic....
  • -€3.91

Rod Sert Exceed Telepike TGX

From Regular price €47.90
-€3.91 Price €43.99
The Sert Exceed Telepike TGX Rod is a universal telescopic rod. Features: Sert Exceed Telepike TGX Rod: Universal telescopic rod. Blank: Thin, high-strength carbon. Rings: sic. SEPRJ8732 300-6: Length: 3.00 m. Action: 20-80 g. Sections: 6....
  • -€24.00

Tubertini Level Oxygen Rod

From Regular price €172.99
-€24.00 Price €148.99
Tubertini Level Oxygen Reed The Oxygen series of boules has been developed to offer the ultimate in balance and ease of use. It fell very fast, draws, during the fight, a harmonic and progressive curve capable of effectively counteracting the flight of the fish. They are equipped...
  • -€67.00

Rod Tubertini R18 Ultra Slim Bolognese 01

From Regular price €419.99
-€67.00 Price €352.99
Rod Tubertini R18 Ultra Slim Bolognese 01 Series of ultra-thin profile Bolognese made of R18 carbon. The use of this material has made it possible to obtain an excellent product with features and weights never seen before. The action of this rod is very fast and progressive with...
  • -€10.91

Caña Berkley Cherrywood Spezi Trout

Regular price €49.90
-€10.91 Price €38.99
La caña telescópica Cherrywood Spezi Trout de Berkley se difierencia de las demás por su ligereza y fuerza . Cuenta con una acción moderada-rápida y presenta la fabricación del blank en carbon composite. Características: El blank está fabricado de carbon composite . El...
  • -€13.00

Caña Mitchell Epic MX1 Trout

Regular price €59.99
-€13.00 Price €46.99
La caña Epic MX1   Trout de Mitchell está diseñada especialmente para la pesca de la trucha en lagos .  Tiene fabricado el blank con acción moderada que permite lanzar flotadores y bombetas muy ligeros , además añade su  acabado con componentes ligeros que hace que...
  • -€4.00

Mitchell Adventure II Tele Spinning Rod

From Regular price €19.99
-€4.00 Price €15.99
The Mitchell Adventure II Tele Spinning Rod is indicated for users who want to start fishing, especially in the Spinning mode. Characteristic: Telescopic rod: Facilitates transport. Handle: EVA. Adventure II Tele T-180 4/15g Spinning: Length: 1.80m. Action: 4-15...
  • -€15.00

Mitchell Epic MX1 Telescopic Rod

Regular price €56.99
-€15.00 Price €41.99
Mitchell 's Epic MX1 telescopic spinning rod is made of HGM Carbon and is designed for light action fishing , plus the blanks have a moderate-fast action , allowing you to cast very light lures , bomblets and floats . Undoubtedly, these telescopic rods are very...
  • -€13.00

Mitchell Epic MX2 Telescopic Spinning Rod

From Regular price €59.99
-€13.00 Price €46.99
The Epic MX2 telescopic spinning rod by Mitchell is designed for light lure fishing and has a quality finish , like its touch reel seat and LTS anti - tangle guides . The fast acting and responsive blank makes it perfect for casting small lures in rivers and...
  • -€1.34


From Regular price €8.83
-€1.34 Price €7.49
Easy to use Light- medium action rod, which offers an excellent performace. Made of carbon, with lightweight and resistant to friction tube guides, and screw reel seat. Length:1.80 m. Closed length: 44 cm. Pieces: 5. Action: 30-60 gr. Weight: 105 gr. Length: 2.10 m....
  • -€12.72

Lineaeffe Travel Telespin Rod

From Regular price €42.71
-€12.72 Price €29.99
Supercompact design New rod that offers an incredible closing, made of carbon fibre. High quality SIC guides that offer high resistance to abrasion. Includes cloth cover. Length: 2,10 m Closed length: 44 cm. Sections: 7. Action: 137 gr. Weight: 134 g. Length: 2,40 m Closed...
  • -€5.11

Caa Lineaeffe Trout Telespin

From Regular price €31.10
-€5.11 Price €25.99
Lineaeffe Trout telescopic shank with light haul and short folding, made of carbon fiber. It has Sic quality rings. Equipped with foam-cork mix handle to make it even more comfortable. Excelete cane to make large displacements by the river because its weight and dimensions will not find out what...
  • -€15.89

Lineaeffe Pike Telespin rod

Regular price €52.88
-€15.89 Price €36.99
Lineaeffe Pike telescopic rod of light and large folding made of carbon. Cork handle. High quality SIC rings that offer great abrasion resistance. It is presented in a fabric cover. Length: 2.40 m Folded: 57 cm Sections: 7. Action: 40-80 g. Weight: 179 g Length: 2.70 m...
  • -€13.94

Kali-Kunnan Power Trout rod

Regular price €57.93
-€13.94 Price €43.99
Kali-Kunnan Power Trout telescopic rod of light launch and short folding. Plastic terminal with shock absorber. Fiber and metal thread reel holder. SMHG type rings. Black cloth cover. Length: 2.92 m Folded: 73 cm Sections: 5. Action: 5-30 g. Weight: 136 g Length:...

Kali Izkira rod

From Price €8.99
Kali 's Izkira model has everything that can be demanded of a fishing rod: high performance, state-of-the-art materials, the incorporation of the highest technology during its manufacturing process and an unbeatable value for money. Tubular Plastic terminal with rubber plug foam handle...
  • -€14.67

Cane Kali kunnen Micro

From Regular price €47.66
-€14.67 Price €32.99
The Micro model of Kali Kunnan stands out for its folding of only 32 cm that makes it ideal to carry it anywhere in the trunk of the car, in our suitcase for travel, excursion ... HQ coal Threaded plastic terminal with shock absorber Metallic dish reel seat Rings black frame,...
  • -€26.82

Renzo Valdieri cane Bassis 2 3

Regular price €59.81
-€26.82 Price €32.99
The cane Bassis 2 # 3 of Renzo Valdieri will become the perfect travel companion. Complete your equipment with this telescopic spining model and do not miss the opportunity to fish wherever you go. Carbon Screw terminal with shock absorber Anatomical thread reel seat Castle type...

Tubertini Camo Strem rod

Price €51.99
The Tubertini Camo Stream rod has a low fold, achieving a minimum measurement of 39 cm. The materials used make this rod a very light and fast option. Its small size allows for great portability and mobility along small rivers and mountain lakes. It is equipped with a Solid Tip, all sections...

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