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Spray Antigarrapatas

Price 9,99 €
Spray capaz de mantener lejos de personas y animales a garrapatas, tábanos y mosquitos. Lo podrá aplicar fácilmente en todas las partes del cuerpo que quedan expuestas al aire y su efectividad dura de 4 a 8 horas. De agradable aroma. Pueden utilizarlo incluso niños a partir de un año de edad....
  • -5,91 €

Abrigo para perro BACK ON TRACK® "Night Collection"

Regular price 55,90 €
-5,91 € Price 49,99 €
Abrigo para perro BACK ON TRACK® "Night Collection" Un clásico y elegante abrigo para perro con Welltex®. Características Acolchado ligero. Capa exterior de tejido de alta calidad y forrada con nuestra tecnología Welltex® bien conocida por sus efectos beneficiosos. Cierre rápido...
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Silbato de Cuerno de Búfalo con 2 tonos

From Price 8,50 €
Silbato especial para perros que podrá usar por ambos lados para conseguir un tono más alto o más bajo.
  • -9,01 €
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Pet Barrier Divider

Regular price 69 €
-9,01 € Price 59,99 €
Resistant and long- lasting. Very useful for package and dog transport. 73 to 100 cm.adjustable height and 80 to 145 cm. Adjustable width.

Fluorescent Collar

Price 9,99 €
The perfect collar for wild boar hunting. Its fluorescent colour will allow an easy location, especially in dim light conditions. It will avoid your dog from wandering around, as well as hunting accidents. All wild boar-hunting dogs should have this collar. Made in polyurethane, highly resistant,...
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Protective Car Seat Cover

Price 20,99 €
Protects the upholstery of the back seat and the the back of the front seat , although it can be put in such way that allows the simultaneous transport of people. Very resistant to scratches and water. Resists stains. Washable. With opening for the seat belts. Includes a pocket to keep the...
  • -23,50 €
Pet Carrier | Comprar online | Alvarez

Pet Carrier

From Regular price 123,49 €
-23,50 € Price 99,99 €
Comfortable and versatile pet carrier to carry your pet comfortably and securely. Roomy, with a compact design, lightweight and made of the best resistant materials. The model that measures 63x41x40 cm includes water bowl, insulating floor, an object holder and handle for an easy transport;...
  • -24,01 €

Liveryman Kare Pro 50 Skid

Regular price 200 €
-24,01 € Price 175,99 €
The multi-purpose Liveryman Kare-Pro 50 Clipper is suitable for both large and small animals. It provides a fast, precise and powerful cut with steel blades coated with titanium. It has no air vents so it does not get clogged. The ceramic sheet is long lasting and its useful life is...

Adjustable ultrasonic whistle. From 7 to 8 cm Arcea

Price 7,50 €
The adjustable ultrasonic whistle. From 7 to 8 cm Arcea has a constant and adjustable tone. Features: Made of metal / plastic. With frequency protector, guarantees a uniform tone frequency. Adjustable frequency pitch. Too quiet.

Polytec Strap

Price 8,50 €
The Polytec strap is made of high quality polyurethane in blue. Features: Unbreakable. 6 mm wide and 1 m 20 cm long. With interior nylon mesh. Easy to clean.

Polyte Traílla Plana

Price 23,95 €
The Polytec Flat Scraper is made of high quality polyurethane with orange phosphorite. Features: 16 mm wide and 10 m long. Unbreakable scrapers. With interior nylon mesh. Easy to clean Very bright colors

Polytech 10 mm round scraper

Price 24,95 €
The Polytec 10 mm Round Trailer made of polyvinyl chloride has a thickness of 10 mm for a better grip. In yellow phosphorite. Inner nylon mesh. Unbreakable. It does not get tangled or blocked in the undergrowth. Length : 6 meters Easy to clean.
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Carpet for trunk

Price 27,99 €
Effective trunk protector. it allows to spend neither the liquids nor the dirt once its material is resistant. Also, its rims fit perfectly obtaining a perfect water tightness. Dimensions: 60 x 50 cm.

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