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Razor electronic headphones

Regular price 115,99 €
-36 € Price 79,99 €
The Razor HD Electronic Helmets are the ultimate in high-end electronic helmets. They have 2 multidirectional microphones to know at all times where the sound is coming from. They amplify the sound in high definition, allowing you to clearly distinguish what it is. Instant reduction (in just...
  • -99,01 €
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Bluetooth Silencer Earplugs

Regular price 349 €
-99,01 € Price 249,99 €
The Silencer 2 electronic earplugs feature Bluetooth 5.0 which improves battery life and wide connection range . In addition, they are the best protection for your ears at the time of the shot, and the clearest and sharpest amplification of the sound the rest of the time. With these...
  • -50 €
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Rechargeable Silencer Plugs

Regular price 199,99 €
-50 € Price 149,99 €
The best protection for your ears at the moment of shooting + The clearest and clearest amplification of sound the rest of the time. With these earplugs you will be able to listen to the snap of a branch, with the peace of mind that they will fully protect you when necessary. With independent...
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Helmet Kit + Glasses + Earplugs Walkers

Regular price 79,99 €
-50 € Price 29,99 €
The most complete kit for the shooter. It includes: HELMETS Foldable and compact helmets that guarantee maximum hearing protection. With padded headband for a more comfortable fit. Soft PVC pads, which guarantee maximum comfort, even with prolonged use. Noise Reduction Rating NRR...
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Cascos electrónicos RAZOR HD con Bluetooth

Regular price 199,99 €
-50 € Price 149,99 €
Cascos electrónicos RAZOR: Máxima protección con una Perfecta audición . Plegables y con Diseño compacto , para una máxima comodidad. Protección auditiva superior!!! NUEVO MODELO!!! PODRÁS UTILIZAR TUS CASCOS RAZOR HD PARA  HABLAR POR TELÉFONO,  ESCUCHAR MÚSICA, ETC.... Te...
  • -10,99 €

Electronic protective helmets

Regular price 49,99 €
-10,99 € Price 39 €
Electronic protective helmets that will allow you to hear all sounds except harmful ones. They protect your ears from harmful noises above 85 dB (gunshots, machinery, etc.), cutting them off instantly, but allow you to hear normal sounds and conversations. Characteristics: "Comfort Fit"...
  • -34,01 €

Peltor 3M EEP-100 Electronic Earplugs

Regular price 329 €
-34,01 € Price 294,99 €
The Peltor 3M EEP-100 electronic earplugs are specially designed to protect hearing, dramatically improving situational awareness as well. as well as promote communication in difficult environments for the hunter. They present a charging method that uses a USB jack which is located in the...
  • -9,41 €

Champion Vanquish Electronic Helmets

Regular price 119,40 €
-9,41 € Price 109,99 €
Champion Vanquish Electronic Headphones offer hearing protection and great comfort. They also have speakers, which provide clear sound and autonomy of up to 200 hours. Features: Shooting helmets: They offer hearing protection. Sound compression technology: Safe level, with an update...
  • -33,81 €

Champion Vanquish Pro Elite Bluetooth Electronic Headphones

Regular price 383,80 €
-33,81 € Price 349,99 €
The Champion Vanquish Pro Elite Electronic Bluetooth Headphones allow you to receive phone calls, eliminate surrounding noise, and are comfortable and durable. Characteristic: Shooting helmets: They offer hearing protection. Sound compression technology: Safe level, with an...

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