Cuidado rápido del cuero EQUINATURA

Price €8.99
Cuidado rápido del cuero EQUINATURA Equinatura  presenta la combinación perfecta para cuidar tus sillas de caballo: el jabón para silla y grasa para cuero. Esta potente  combinación de limpieza y cuidado  es adecuada para todos los tipos de cuero y te permite engrasar, proteger y...

Carr&Day&Martin Soap

From Price €9.99
Jaboncillo en Bote de Carr & Day Consigue un acabado mate con este estupendo jabón. Contiene una combinación de jabones para una suave, fácil y rápida aplicación. Con una práctica esponja aplicadora. Contenido: 250 ml y 500 ml.

Carr&day&Martin Leather Cream

Price €19.99
Crema para El Cuero Carr&Day&Martin Excelente crema para mantener el cuero en buenas condiciones o para restaurar el cuero deteriorado. Contiene cera de abejas y lanolina, junto a conservantes naturales de cuero, ambos ideales para alimentar y nutrir el cuero. Incluye esponja...
  • -€2.09

Leather Polish with Bees Wax

Regular price €16.08
-€2.09 Price €13.99
Provides softness and extends the life of your leather goods. For both new and old leather. Contents: 1 kg
  • -€2.04

Effax Leather Grease with Vaseline

Regular price €12.03
-€2.04 Price €9.99
Grasa para El Cuero con Vaselina Effax Grasa de primera calidad con vaselina, aceite y otras eficaces sustancias que aseguran larga vida a su equipo de cuero. Sin ácidos ni resinas. Contenido: 0,5 Kg.
  • -€0.89

Zaldi Leather Polish with Vaseline

From Regular price €6.88
-€0.89 Price €5.99
The regular use of this grease, keeps elasticity and flexibility in leather,also providing outstanding smoothness and protection thanks to a vaseline-rich composition. Contents: 0.5, 1 and 5 kg.

Effax Leather Cleaning Oil

Price €13.99
Limpiador para El Cuero Effax Limpiador ideal para limpiar cualquier clase de cuero ya que, al no contener ningún tipo de grasa, no deja ninguna mancha. Contenido: 500 ml.


Price €11.99
For a safer seat, because it helps to hold ourselves on the saddle without damaging our trousers or the saddle's leather.

Leather Brightener liquid Parisol

Price €9.99
The Parisol leather brightening liquid is a premium oil made with natural ingredients. Avocado oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, soybean oil, beef paw oil and beeswax. It is designed for the care of leather, providing a perfect finish, giving it elasticity and durability. Apply a thin layer...

Prestige Liquid Soap 300 ml

Price €19.00
The 300 ml Prestige Liquid Soap cleans all types of leather, except suede, making it perfect for cleaning saddles and harnesses. Removes dirt and brightens colors. Characteristic: Use: For cleaning all types of leather, except suede. Perfect for cleaning saddles and harnesses....
  • -€5.00

Leather New Spray

Regular price €25.99
-€5.00 Price €20.99
Glycerine saddle soap. Makes leather look like new with a single application. Cleans, softens and renews leather with a long lasting shine. Removes imbedded dirt and grime while replacing natural oils deep down in leather. Will not dull or stain. No oily residue, will not rub off...

Tack Cleaning Sponge

Price €1.99
Sponge for Leather Cleaning Great sponge for leather, which will leave it as good as new.

Parisol Leather Conditioner (Step 2)

Price €11.99
It leaves leather flexible and with an incredible shine. Content: 500 ml. TO PURCHASE THE SPECIAL OFFER: Leather cleaner (step 1) + Parisol leather conditioner (step 2), For only 16,99€ CLICK HERE

Zaldi Ox Oil

From Price €6.99
Ideally suited for saddle4s, bridles4 and stirrups4 care. A regular use makes leather more flexible and water resistant. Contents: 0.5, 1.2 and 5 l.

Parisol leather Cleaner (Step 1)

Price €9.99
For an easy and quick cleaning. Content: 500 ml. TO PURCHASE THE SPECIAL OFFER: Leather cleaner (step 1) + Parisol leather conditioner (step 2), For only 16,99€ CLICK HERE

Glycerine Soap

Price €7.99
Spray soap, very easy to use, quite effective to keep your leather equipment clean. Contents: 500 ml.

Effax Leather Cream

Price €12.99
Soft leather cream that cleans and provides vitality to any kind of leather. With hanger. Content: 400 ml.

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