• -€135.04

Optional plates for the MXT-7000 detector

Regular price €294.99
-€135.04 Price €159.95
Dishes of 31 and 35 cm., Special for large depths (up to 2 m). Only for the MXT-7000 metal detector. BEFORE: 295 euros. NOW ONLY: 149 and 169 euros.
  • -€40.00

Garret Z-Lynk Wireless Kit

Regular price €189.99
-€40.00 Price €149.99
The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Kit has the following features: They guarantee high-fidelity audio, without interference. With Z-Lynk Wireless Technology: it transmits sound six times faster than Bluetooth: it will perceive the presence of the object automatically, for a much easier location....
  • -€10.00
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Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

Regular price €759.99
-€10.00 Price €749.99
Includes headphones. This metal detector has been designed to find gold nuggets in the most difficult terrains. Works at 18kHz, the optimum frequency to search gold. You can find gold nuggets from the size of a rice grain to the biggest one. It can work in the All Metal mode, the best mode...
  • -€6.00
  • Recommended

Garrett Pro Pointer

Regular price €129.99
-€6.00 Price €123.99
El complemento perfecto para su detector de metales. Es ideal para localizar los objetos más difíciles. Una vez descubierto el tesoro con su detector, utilice el Pro Pointer para localizarlo de manera precisa. Al aproximarse al objeto, aumenta el sonido o la vibración, con lo que le ayuda...
  • -€51.00
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Garret ACE 300i metal detector

Regular price €349.99
-€51.00 Price €298.99
Make the most of your free time with this new Garrett metal detector, in addition to the functions of the Garret 200i , it has a higher frequency that provides greater sensitivity in metals with low and medium conductivity (gold, lead), a up to 3x higher resolution for iron and an adjustable...
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Metal Detector Garret AT MAX

Price €889.99
The Garrett AT MAX metal detector has the following features: New Z-Lynk Wireless Technology: streams sound to wireless headphones six times faster than Bluetooth, without wires, and without interference from other wireless devices. Easily accessible controls. New MS-3 headphones...
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Auriculares Garrett

Price €19.99
Auriculares Garrett totalmente ajustables gracias a su diadema ajustable y sus almohadillas de espuma. Reducen el ruido de fondo mejorando la detección de objetos profundos.
  • Recommended

Garret ACE 200i metal detector

Price €198.99
Make the most of your free time with this new metal detector from Garrett . The ACE 200i model has a graphic ID cursor for object identification with a scale from 0 to 99, a new module to improve stability and new audio modulation, which provides a sharper and more sensitive sound....
  • -€19.00
  • Recommended

Garret ACE 400i metal detector

Regular price €398.99
-€19.00 Price €379.99
Make the most of your free time with this new metal detector from Garrett . In addition to the functions of the Garrett 300i , it has an audio for iron that allows listening to discriminated iron targets and modifying the signal range of midtones and better sensitivity for targets with medium...
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Garrett AT Pro Metal detector

Price €679.99
Fantastic detector at an affordable price. It detects better small and flat coins. It allows to divide frequencies in a more efficient way, discriminating iron. Submersible and with 2 different programs: standard and professional, (the professional one emits a different beep when something...

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