Price €159.00
El Multiusos Leatherman Wave es uno de los modelos más populares de la marca. Sus hojas se pueden abrir con una sola mano haciéndola perfecta para cualquier trabajo, aventura o el día a día. Herramientas de Leatherman Wave Alicates de punta fina Alicates Cortadores de cables...
  • -€16.01

Multipurpose Leatherman Signal

Regular price €159.00
-€16.01 Price €142.99
El Multiusos Leatherman Signal es perfecto para perderte en la montaña. Una herramienta de máxima seguridad y resistencia, con toda la garantía Leatherman. Incluye los tradicionales alicates, sierra, abrelatas y abridor de botellas además de una gran variedad de destornilladores. Estarás...

Warn 2000 DC/12V Winch

Price €274.99
The Warn 2000 DC/12 V Winch has the following features: Capacity: 907 kg. 12v engine. 1.6hp. Steel cable: 5 mm. x 10.7 m. 3.7 m cable control. iron fixed guide clutch and brake Approximate weight: 8.2 kg.

Comeup CUB-3 S/12V Winch

Price €439.95
The Comeup CUB-3 S/12V winch has a lightweight and compact design that is ideal for easy installation. Features: Towing capacity: 1,361 kg. 12v engine. Hand switch. 3-stage planetary system, fully metallic for greater traction force. Dynamic and mechanical brake....
  • -€4.96

ComeUp Portable Winch Dw-1500I

Regular price €114.95
-€4.96 Price €109.99
The DW-1500I Electric Trailer Winches is perfect for boats, cars... and all kinds of fields of action. Features: Powerful motor for electric trailer. Clutch for easy winding. Motor protection with short circuits; Avoid overload and possible damage. Capacity 680 kg. 12v engine....

Izas Whitby Thermic Aluminum Bottle

Price €27.99
The Izas Whitby aluminum bottle is the essential accessory for activities where you need to keep drinks hot or cold. In addition, you will not have liquid spills when transporting it, thanks to its hermetic closure. Characteristics: Double wall vacuum insulation (18/8 Stainless Steel)....

Mosquetón con Linterna Jausun

Price €5.99
Mosquetón Jausun con Linterna  Se trata de un mosquetón de aluminio con linterna con luz led. Medidas : 9 x 2cm.
  • -€25.01

Multipurpose Leatherman Raptor

Regular price €109.00
-€25.01 Price €83.99
The Leatherman Raptor Multipurpose has been designed for emergency professionals. It is very light and complete so it is useful when we need to reach an area of difficult access and act at the moment. You can store it in your pocket, use it with one hand, and even cut everything you need with...
  • -€44.01

Multiusos Leatherman Surge

From Regular price €179.00
-€44.01 Price €134.99
El Multiusos Leatherman Surge es uno de los modelos más grandes de la marca. Muy potente, está fabricada con los alicates más grandes, hojas más largas y bloqueos fáciles de usar. Tiene un sistema de cambio de hojas excelente, puntas de destornillador grandes y pequeñas además de 4 hojas con...
  • -€22.01

Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool

Regular price €89.00
-€22.01 Price €66.99
Multi-purpose Leatherman Sidekick was designed for heavy use. With 15 commonly used tools. Its comfortable size, robustness, and ease of use make it the basic tool that all of us should always have on hand. 10 YEARS WARRANTY. Made of stainless steel. With quick access to the outer...
  • -€22.01

Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool

Regular price €89.00
-€22.01 Price €66.99
The Wingman has a resistant spring in the base of the pliers that reduces the hand effort. Made of stainless steel, its handy, outside-accessible blades mean you can open the knife with just one hand. Includes scissors and a 420HC combined blade. Specs: Stainless steel body. Spring-action...
  • -€10.01


Regular price €99.00
-€10.01 Price €88.99
La multiusos   Leatherman Skeletool tiene una hoja mixta de acero inoxidable, alicates, destornillador de puntas intercambiables, clip de bolsillo desmontable y mosquetón/abridor de botellas en 140 gramos,. Herramientas Alicates de punta fina Alicates Cortadores de cables Cortadores de...
  • Recommended

Hand Warmer

Price €11.99
The most efficient. Safe. Put into the case a flamed stick and close the case. It provides heat for approx. 10 hours. Dimensions: 65 X 115. Spares are sold separately (ref. 515412)
  • Recommended

Set of Rugs

Price €39.99
Set of 4 carpet stands for the car. They're waterproof. With very effective edges to keep the car perfectly clean. Very easy to clean. You can put them in the trunk after the hunt. Size: 75 x 46 cm and 48,5 x 46 cm.
  • Recommended

Foldable Trunk Bag

Price €89.99
Luggage bag made of high-strength, easy-to-fold, lightweight canvas take her comfortably wherever you want! Ideal for transporting different objects, especially the animals. Easy to clean, highly waterproof. His metal washers and rope the bags surrounding the bag facilitate transport. Size:...

Folding Cages for Dogs

From Price €74.10
Folding cages of excellent quality. They fold in five seconds. They don't take up space when they're folded. There are two doors, front and side. With very removable plastic tray strong, easy to clean and quieter than metal trays. They are lacquered black, which gives them greater elegance...

Training Collar DOGTRACE PRO 1000 MINI +

Price €279.00
The DOGTRACE PRO 1000 MINI + Training Collar is robust and compact, for maximum comfort and resistance. It has 40 impulse levels, 2 acoustic tones and 8 light modes that make it easy to locate the dog. It also has 4 modes of vibration. Its characteristics are: Range: 1000 m...

Botella Térmica Laken Futura 0,50L

Price €21.60
La botella térmica Laken Classic de 500 ml de doble capa de acero inoxidable 18/8 y boca ancha ofrece un óptimo rendimiento térmico, para que tengas siempre tu bebida favorita a la temperatura perfecta. Además, garantiza el cierre hermético y la resistencia y durabilidad que solo el acero...

Laken Tritan Classic bottle 0.75 l

Price €8.99
The Laken Tritan Classic 0.75 l Bottle is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, it is lightweight, does not transmit or retain flavors, has a hermetic seal, and is dishwasher-safe except for the cap. Features: Sustainable alternative: Alternative to single-use plastic....
  • -€15.01

Collar Adicional PRO ONE

Regular price €149.00
-€15.01 Price €133.99
El Collar Adicional PRO ONE complementa a los collares de Adiestramiento DOGTRACE PRO 1000 ONE+ y 2000 ONE+. Gracias a el, se podrá usar la función de adiestrar a dos perros a la vez.
  • -€4.00

Funda Flúor Radiolocalizador Garmin Alpha 100

Regular price €19.99
-€4.00 Price €15.99
La funda flúor protectora para el radiolocalizador Garmin Alpha 100 , está fabricada en silicona, y es perfecta para proteger de golpes y caídas el mando Garmin Alpha 100.
  • -€5.96


Regular price €19.95
-€5.96 Price €13.99
It allows you to send impulse to the collar without having to take the remote. The micropulsar is connected to the remote via a cable. It allows you to have your hands free at all times. This accessory is almost indispensable for training hunting dogs. Valid for collar models 600, 1000 and...

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