• -16,96 €

Boya Head Safety

Regular price 39,95 €
-16,96 € Price 22,99 €
The Head Safety buoy has a belt, so that the buoy is visible behind the swimmer. The buoy does not affect the performance, nor in the movement when swimming. It has a waterproof pocket for personal items.
  • -41,01 €

Boya Mares Hydro Flat

Regular price 112 €
-41,01 € Price 70,99 €
Boya Mares Hydro Flat La Boya Mares Hydro Flat es una boya de forma plana que ofrece una excelente visibilidad para los apneístas en el agua, gracias a su bandera . La seguridad en el agua es de suma importancia, especialmente durante las salidas de apnea cerca de embarcaciones...
  • -6,01 €

Omer Atoll Buoy

Regular price 59 €
-6,01 € Price 52,99 €
The Omer Atoll Buoy makes it possible to signal the position of the diver, visible at a long distance thanks to its flag. Features: Signaling buoy: To signal the position of the diver, visible at a long distance. Material: 420D Nylon. Flag: 30x30 cm. Measurements:...

Omer Torpedo Buoy

Price 18,99 €
The Omer Torpedo Buoy allows you to signal the position of the diver, is very durable, and has 2 flags. Features: Signaling buoy: To signal the position of the diver, with 2 flags. Durable: PVC.
  • -39,01 €

Aqualung Freediving Buoy 50 l

Regular price 189 €
-39,01 € Price 149,99 €
The Aqualung Freediving Buoy 50 l is a freediving buoy with flag included, handles and D-buckles, large interior space, quick drainage, mesh design at the bottom, large opening zipper, and can be inflated orally or pump-assisted. Features: Freediving buoy: With flag included. Outer...
  • -8,33 €

Ist Dolphin Signaling Buoy with Solas Reflective Inflator

Regular price 40,32 €
-8,33 € Price 31,99 €
The Ist Dolphin Signaling Buoy with Solas Reflective Inflator is a safety buoy, with quick disconnect, SOLAS reflective, and dimensions of 114 x 12 cm.   Features: Buoy: Security. Quick disconnect: For inflating with the vest hose. Reflective: SOLAS. Dimensions: 114 x 12...
  • -16,01 €

Boya Mares SMB Training XR Line

Regular price 65 €
-16,01 € Price 48,99 €
La   Boya Mares SMB Training XR Line puede inflarse en pocos metros de agua gracias a su pequeño tamaño, ideal como marcador en inmersiones sencillas. Características: Perfecta para entrenar y para inmersiones fáciles. Puede inflarse complemtamente en pocos metros de agua. Es un...
  • -34,01 €

Buoy Apeks SMB

Regular price 99 €
-34,01 € Price 64,99 €
The Apeks SMB buoy, is surely the best equipped surface buoy on the market, a complete and closed oral inflation system allows to inflate the buoy with a single blow, which means that it will be ready immediately in any situation. Both sides of the buoy have high quality SOLAS reflective tape...
  • -17,01 €

Buoy Mares Compact

Regular price 51 €
-17,01 € Price 33,99 €
The Mares Compacta buoy has the following characteristics: Orange beacon buoy 10 m Cape Ballast with 300g shape Nylon bag with carabiner

Torpedo Buoy Dive Safe

Price 21,49 €
Easy glide Orange torpedo buoy with a diver's flag. Made of very soft fabric that reduces friction. With fixing rings and a 20 meter rope.

Cressi Swim buoy

From Price 37 €
Cressi Swim, swimming buoy with torpedo design , very hydrodynamic, made with high quality materials and components. Elongated design that improves hydrodynamics especially in case of moved sea. 5 "thick red-orange fluorine fabric with varnished finish for optimal slip....
  • -3,01 €

Seac Sub Deco Boo

Regular price 30 €
-3,01 € Price 26,99 €
Guarantee your safety with this SEAC SUB vertical inflatable buoy Includes lanyard and carabiner. Very comfortable.

Mares Deco Buoy

Price 33,99 €
Mares Deco buoy of high visibility orange color that will fit in the pocket of the vest. With folding bag with carabiner and 20 m line. Integrated ballast for an adequate flotation on the surface.

Torpedo Buoy Cressi Mini

Price 15 €
Buoy Cressi Mini Torpedo signaling device with very low resistance to advance thanks to its small dimensions and varnished finish. Fabric of 7 tenths of thickness. Pennant optional. With 3 wires. Dimensions: 65 cm x 19 Ø cm.
  • -15,91 €

Float Buoy Omer Dry Bag

Regular price 62,90 €
-15,91 € Price 46,99 €
Omer Float Dry Bag Buoy This buoy has inside a watertight pocket between the two air chambers. Once swollen, the objects will stay in place and completely dry. In its upper part there are two handles for transport, and in the lower part there are 4 rings for transporting the rifles. It also...

Mares Apnea Buoy

Price 33,99 €
The evolution from the famous buoy for spearfishing made by mares. Made of resistant PVC. Ring on the upper area to hang a bottle or a watertight bag to keep your valuables. Optimized drag point to reduce friction.

Boya Señalización Cressi CLUB HD

Price 26,99 €
La Boya de Señalización Cressi CLUB HD es una herramienta esencial tanto para buceadores deportivos como para centros de buceo profesionales. Esta boya de señalización está diseñada con características excepcionales que garantizan su durabilidad y funcionalidad en el agua. Una de las...

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