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Cuchillo Imperial Tole10

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Cuchillo decorativo Imperial Tole10 con peana y mango de resina grabada con motivos cinegéticos : Tamaño de la Hoja:23.50 cm Tamaño del Mango:13.50 cm Tamaño Total:37.00 cm Tipo de Mango/Color:Resina Tipo de Acero:3CR13MOV Grosor de la Hoja:3.44 mm Peso:434.00 g
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Regular price €71.00
-€12.01 Price €58.99
The sword of the ancient gentlemen. Length of the sheet: 74 cm. Entire length: 87 cm.
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Kinights Templar Sword

Regular price €87.90
-€8.91 Price €78.99
With panoply . Overall length : 115 cm

Peacemaker Revolver

From Price €76.99
Cal. .45 revolver designed by S. Colt in 1873.The revolver of the Conquest of the Far West. Length: 35 cm.
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Alba Templar Sword with panoply Tole10

Regular price €59.99
-€12.00 Price €47.99
DESIGNED IN SPAIN Equip yourself with the fantastic Tole10 tools. Products with a spectacular resistance, manufactured with the best materials and designed with lovers of classic and decorative weapons in mind. Handle: ABS Blade: Stainless steel Sheet size: 56.5 cm Total...
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Set of 3 Katanas with stand Tole10 red and white

Regular price €85.50
-€15.51 Price €69.99
Equípate con las fantásticas herramientas Tole10 . Productos con una resistencia espectacular, fabricados con los mejores materiales y diseñados pensando en los amantes de las armas clásicas y decorativas. Hoja de Acero de carbono Tamaños: Total: 93 cm / hoja: 68 cm Total: 70 cm /...

Knife Tole10 Templar

Price €34.99
El Cuchillo Tole10 Templario tiene las siguientes características: Hoja: Acero Inoxidable Tamaño de la hoja: 24 cm. Tamaño de la hoja: 39 cm. Se entrega en una caja
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Katana Tole10 Tachi

Regular price €59.39
-€11.40 Price €47.99
La Katana Tole10 Tachi ha sido diseñada con mango encordado en color dorado. Características Mango: Encordado Hoja: Acero Carbono Tamaño Hoja: 69 cm Incluye peana.
  • -€4.01

Katana Tole10 Dragon

Regular price €47.00
-€4.01 Price €42.99
La Katana Tole10 Dragon ha sido diseñada con mango encordado en negro, hoja en acero carbono y funda con un dragón serigrafiado. Características Hoja: Acero carbono Tamaño hoja: 69 cm Incluye soporte de madera

Katana Tole10 Mini

Price €5.39
La Katana Tole10 Mini ha sido diseñada con mango y funda combinada en negro y blanco. Características Hoja: Acero Inox Tamaño Hoja: 10 cm Tamaño Total: 16.5 cm Incluye peana. Presentación en caja.
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Katana Tole10 Templada

From Regular price €79.90
-€15.91 Price €63.99
La Katana Tole10 Templada viene con dos formas distintas de presentación; con peana o con caja. Características Modelo con Peana Mango: Encordado Hoja: Acero Carbono (Templada al aceite). Máxima dureza Tamaño Hoja: 69 cm Incluye funda. Presentación con peana....
  • -€9.01

Katana Tole10 Ninja White and Black

Regular price €47.00
-€9.01 Price €37.99
The Tole10 Black and White Ninja Katana has been designed with screen-printed ninjas in black on the cover with a white background. The handle is strung in black and the blade is carbon steel, which gives maximum hardness. characteristics Blade: Carbon Steel Sheet size: 67 cm...
  • -€10.00

Katana Tole10 with Peana

Regular price €52.99
-€10.00 Price €42.99
The Tole10 Katana with Peana has been designed with a rope handle, carbon steel blade to maximize its hardness and in two models. characteristics Handle: Encordado Blade: Carbon Steel Size Sheet: 69 cm Includes base.
  • -€10.50

Katana Tole10 with Sheet 69cm

From Regular price €52.49
-€10.50 Price €41.99
La Katana Tole10 con Peana Hoja de 69cm ha sido diseñada con mango encordado y hoja en acero de carbono para maximizar su dureza. Características Mango: Encordado Hoja: Acero Carbono Tamaño Hoja: 69 cm Incluye peana y el modelo en blanco se presenta en caja

Sword Tole10 Excalibur

Price €5.99
The Tole10 Excalibur Sword has been designed in mini size with handle and blade in Zamak to maximize its hardness. features Mango: Zamak Sheet: Zamak Size: 18 cm
  • -€14.80

Set Tole10 2 Katanas con Peana

Regular price €73.79
-€14.80 Price €58.99
El Set Tole10 2 Katanas con Peana ha sido diseñado en negro con mango encordado y hoja de acero de carbono para máxima dureza. Características Contiene: 2 katanas Mango: Encordado Hoja: Acero Carbono Tamaño Hoja: 69 y 50 cm Incluye peana.
  • -€6.01

Sable Tole10 Spanish Navy Cadet

Regular price €33.00
-€6.01 Price €26.99
The Tole10 Spanish Navy Cadet Saber has been designed with a golden handle and a serigraphed stainless steel blade. Characteristics Blade: Stainless Steel Blade size: 39.7 cm Total size: 50.7 cm Includes sheath and base.

Hand Grenade Mk2 USA

From Price €21.99
Hand grenade Mk2 or Pineapple . USA 2nd World War. Size 11.5 cm.

Germany 1938 Automatic pistol of the 2nd World War.

Price €82.99
The Germany 1938 automatic pistol , is the replica of the Walther P-38, Germany 1938 of the Second World War. Made of metal and plastic handle. With mechanical loading simulator and fixed shooting magazine. Size 24 cm. and weight 710 gr.

Shotgun of 2 Trimmed Cannons

Price €205.99
The 2-barreled shotgun was used by Wyatt Earp, USA 1881, a very famous marshal in the American West, for his extreme hardness in dealing with those who broke the law, incorruptible and daring in their procedures. His fame was achieved in Tombstone being one of the protagonists of the shooting...

Winchester Rifle 66

Price €237.99
The Winchester 66 rifle , made of metal and wood with simple loading and firing mechanism. Designed by Winchester, USA, year 1866. Size: 100 cm Weight: 3000 gr.
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Replica Luger P08

Regular price €169.99
-€26.00 Price €143.99
Replica Luger P08 , is the parabellum-Pistole Modell 1908, a semiautomatic pistol operated by recoil. The design was patented by Georg Luger in 1898 and was produced by the German arms factory Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) from the year 1900. The design of the Luger system is...

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