Fly Tying Book

Price 7,99 €
The Fly Assembly book will help you, with its illustrations and explanatory notes, to choose the material, assemble the appropriate gear and make your own flies. Editorial Tutor Editions, S.A. pages 80 Dimensions 23x17cm

Carp Fly Fishing Book

Price 13,99 €
In the Carp Fly Fishing book, you will find all the secrets for carp fly fishing. explain to you? the technique, the necessary equipment and what flies to use ... And everything related to this fascinating form of fishing. PAGES: 208 SIZE: 21 X 24 CM

Guía Completa de Nudos y Aparejos de Pesca

Price 11,99 €
¡El libro de pesca más vendido en el mundo!: 300.000 ejemplares. Más de 80 nudos y aparejos, ilustrados paso a paso con pulcritud y calidad artística, muy útiles para las distintas modalidades de pesca en agua dulce y salada. 96 págs.
  • -10,30 €

The book presentation in Fly Fishing

Regular price 50,29 €
-10,30 € Price 39,99 €
Fly Fishing Presentation Book. The broadest vision of fly fishing that an angler can conceive. Author: Gary A. Borger. Photographs: black and white. Format: 210 x 240 cm.
  • -6 €

Book 1001 Tips for Fly Fishing

Regular price 19,99 €
-6 € Price 13,99 €
The Book 1001 Tricks for Fly Fishing stands out for its excellently illustrated and didactic images , where you can deepen your knowledge of fly fishing techniques in both fresh and salt water. No matter what level you are at, you will be able to increase the number of captures with...

Libro Nudos De Pesca

Price 5,99 €
Nudos de Pesca es un interesante libro con los 24 nudos más útiles de pesca ilustrados paso a paso. Se describen también en esta guía las últimas herramientas para anudar y otros conectores de línea, diseñados para ayudarte a mejorar la eficacia de sus aparejos y sus capturas.
  • -2,96 €

Book: Fly Release Defects and Corrections

Regular price 12,95 €
-2,96 € Price 9,99 €
Book: Defects and Corrections of Launched to Fly. Its T? Oriented for those fishermen who want to perfect their fly cast, explaining in detail the probable causes why your cast sometimes fails, emphasizing the solutions to correct it. You will enjoy 32 possible scenarios where your fly...

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