Beretta Sporting Vest

Price €135.00
The Beretta Sporting Vest is a sports vest made of cotton and mesh with an ecological leather shooting patch . It includes two very large double-entry front pockets. This vest is a renewal of the famous Beretta Gold vest , updating the technical characteristics and materials to...

Beretta New Classic Shooting Vest

Price €106.25
The Beretta New Classic Shooting Vest is the ideal for the hunting course and competitive shooting. It is ergonomically cut and offers right and left-handed shooters great freedom of movement when aiming. Ensure quick access to ammunition thanks to open cartridge pouches....
  • -€11.00
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Lanzaplatos corto

Regular price €30.99
-€11.00 Price €19.99
Lanzaplatos de una sola pieza que permite lanzar los platos más rápido y mas lejos que muchos lanzaplatos mecánicos. Su curvatura final le proporciona una gran suavidad de lanzado. Apto tanto para diestros como para zurdos. Longitud total: 48 cm. * Platos no incluidos.
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Lanzaplatos de Pie

Price €99.99
Accionable a distancia mediante un cordón, podrá usarlo usted solo, para disparar 1 ó 2 platos simultáneamente. Con ángulo de vuelo totalmente ajustable, sin herramientas.

Rabbit Clays

Special offer in clays. Deliverd to your home directly. Minimum order: 55 boxes, (150 clays/box). FREE SHIPPING COSTS ***Deliveries only for Mainland Spain***

Paten Clays

Special offer in clays. Deliverd to your home directly. Minimum order: 55 boxes, (150 clays/box). FREE SHIPPING COSTS ***Deliveries only for Mainland Spain***

Mini Clays

Special offer in clays. Deliverd to your home directly. Minimum order: 55 boxes, (150 clays/box). FREE SHIPPING COSTS ***Deliveries only for Mainland Spain***
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Complete Cleaning Set

Price €34.99
Ready to cover all your needs. It includes 5 different accessories, a set of small cleaning patches, a screwdriver, a cleaning brush, special gun conditioner and 2 dummy rounds.
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Snap Caps

From Price €7.99
You will not do without them. They avoid firing pins' breakage whenever unloading their inner springs.

Firearms Lubricant Oil

Price €5.99
Special Lubricant that will keep your firearms in the best conditions. Harmless for the ozone layer. Contents: 150 ml.
  • -€6.00

Thick Recoil Pad

Regular price €19.99
-€6.00 Price €13.99
Medidas : 15 cm. largo X 4,5 cm. ancho X 3 cm. alto.
  • -€4.00

Flat Recoil Pad

Regular price €16.99
-€4.00 Price €12.99
Medidas : 14 cm de longitud y 1 cm de grosor. Por la parte ancha mide 5 cm. Por la parte estrecha 3.5 cm. 

Hard Case for Rifle or Shotgun

Price €69.99
Highly resistant gun case for side by side or over and under shotguns, .22 cal. carbine and big game hunting rifles, even with an assembled scope. Made of a resistant material. Padded protected interior. Dimensions: 123x27x12.
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VFG Ramrod

From Price €72.99
Made of stainless steel, with polyamide handle and 2 bearings, so that the cleaning felt which remains screwed to the adaptor perfectly penetrates into the barrel4s rifle. Adaptor included.
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VFG Cleaning Felts

Price €11.99
Place 2 felt patches into the ramrod. By pushing it into the barrel, the first felt will absorb dirt particles gathered in the porous surface of the barrel4s rifle. Once it has reached the barrel muzzle, withdraw the dirty felt piece (so that dirt is not distributed again along the barrel) ....
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Super Intensive Cleaning Felts. Rifle

Price €19.99
To carry out a thorough cleaning, especially after the firearm has been out of use for long, or if it has been used for a large number of cartridge shooting. Like all the others, they are made of wool, mixed with metallic fabrics for a deeper barrel penetration. It eliminates all dirt particles...
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Price €10.99
The number one in firearms cleaners of Europe. It has been used inthe firearms' industry for years. It creates a protective film on metallic surfaces, penetrating into the most difficult places and into the smallest cracks. With Ballistol you will: Clean and remove traces of copper or lead...
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Gunex 2000

Price €7.89
The perfect oil for long term preservation of metal pieces, even in the roughest weather ( from -501º to 1001º). It cleans all kinds of residues and keeps all type of surfaces and mechanisms protected. Gunnex 200 slides between metal and damp, filtering into cracks, cleaning and maintaining...
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Robla Solo Mil

Price €7.99
Used by the German Army, even in the Special Forces, its composition includes ammonia, for a more efficient copper, zinc and lead removal ( a firearm's worst enemies), keeping steel, chrome or nickel unaltered. Should the barrel contain a small trace, just put a cleaning patch into the barrel...

Kit Especial: Ballistol, Gunex 2000 y Robla Solo Mil

Price €22.99
UN KIT CON TODOS LOS PRODUCTOS QUE NECESITA PARA LA LIMPIEZA DE SUS ARMAS, A UN PRECIO MÁS QUE ESPECIAL. Armería Alvarez recomienda: Para la lubricación y el mantenimiento de su arma: use el Ballistol. Para la limpieza su arma después de pocos disparos: use el Gunex 2000 y, a...
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Metal Snap caps. 12 Bore/Gauge

Price €10.99
They are perfect to safely unload your firing spins. 2 cartridges, .12 bore/gauge

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