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Bird Repellent

Price 299,99 €
Low- energy reproducer. It keeps any bird plague away avoiding any impact in environment. By constantly changing its bird song, you will prevent birds from getting used to the sound. Each set covers over 2 hectares of fruit fields. It includes a 40 W digital aleatory module, 2 super powered...

Beretta Shooting Towel

Price 24,99 €
La toalla de tiro Beretta es perfecta para disciplinas de tiro hasta para actividades al aire libre y caza. Características Confeccionada en microfibra suave de secado rápido. Con ojal metálico y  mosquetón, para transportarla cómodamente Logotipo de Beretta impreso térmicamente....

Digital Grain Dispenser with Remote Control

Price 129,99 €
El dispensador de grano digital con mando a distancia es un equipo esencial para los cazadores, se caracteriza por su diseño inteligente y totalmente ajustable que se adapta a las necesidades individuales de cada cazador. Cu enta con un temporizador programable y con un mando a...
  • -9,01 €
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Wild Boar Scouting Clock

Regular price 59 €
-9,01 € Price 49,99 €
Practical and efficient system to know the exact time of wild boar transit. The watch is vertically placed on the trailing zone.Its acorn-like shape will attract wild boars. When hit by a wild boar, it will automatically stop working, so you will know the exact time for wild boar hunting access.
  • -9,91 €
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Regular price 94,90 €
-9,91 € Price 84,99 €
Thanks to this digital clock, you will record and trace up to 7 wild boars' interferences from your standing place. Place the watch on the ground. It will record the exact time at the slightest movement, capturing up to 7 different wild boar's movements or interferences.

Game Preserve Steel Plate

Made of galvanized white lacquered 0.6 mm. steel, with fixing drills. 1st range plate: white background and black printing, with plate number: ''Private Game Preserve4" or''Sport Game Preserve" Size: 51x33 cm. Minimum order of 24 units.

Stick for Preserve Plates

Due to latest legislation changes, most of autonomous communities forbid hammering hunting preserve plates on trees, or, if allowed, they impose very restrictive conditions. We have the solution. This pole is 1.80 m. length , drilled at different measures for 1st and 2nd range plates....

partridges / Shot Counter

Price 19,99 €
It allows you to record very easily the number of shots, number of partridges or whatever you want to count. It has a push button that whenever it is driven increases a number. Counts up to 9,999. Presentation: nickel. Weight: 80 g.
  • -9 €
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Bag Rests

Regular price 25,99 €
-9 € Price 16,99 €
Out-of-the box bag rests, to lean your firearm in any kind of terrain. Made from ultra resistant non-slipping nylon for more stability. The leaning area is covered by a soft fabric to keep your firearm in perfect condition. Two models: Front. Back.
  • -10 €
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Barrel Dispenser

Regular price 159,99 €
-10 € Price 149,99 €
Attract different animals, especially wild boars. Easy to use, it offers incredible results in any kind of ground. Fix it with the steel cable and the anchor and fill it with corn. When the wild boar comes closer, it will move the barrel and the grain will go out in a little quantity through...
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Hombrera antirretroceso

Price 39,99 €
Hombrera anatómica que amortiguará el golpe del retroceso.
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Security Lock for Trigger

Price 12,99 €
Security lock that blocks the trigger, avoiding the risk of accidental shots. Universal assembly, fits in most firearms, air rifles and airsoft guns.Three digits combination AVOID ACCIDENTS
  • -2 €
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Strap to camouflage your firearm

Regular price 7,99 €
-2 € Price 5,99 €
Disguise your firearm in the easiest,cleanest and most comfortable way Extendable, resistant self-adhesive strap to cover your firearm. iI doesn't leaves sticky residues. It's recommended to use two straps to cover completely the firearm. Completely reusable. Width: 50 mm. Length: 4,5 m.

Conjunto de Barrera de Olor para Cultivos.

Price 44,90 €
Un kit especial con 1 bote rojo + 1 bote azul + 10 láminas ¡Alterne diferentes botes para que los animales no se acostumbren a un olor!! Muy seguras y eficaces para proteger sus cultivos de los animales salvajes (jabalíes, ciervos, corzos...) Se coloca una línea de láminas de aluminio cada...
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Scent Barrier Sheets. 10 Sheets

Price 19,99 €
Safe and effective way to protect your crops from wild animals (wild boar, deer, roe deer...) Place a line of sheets each 8-12 mts. in the area by where the animals enter in your land, and some sheets in the cultivated land and soak them with the scent spray. The mix of scent, noise and...

Extremadura ''Coto Privado de Caza'' Plate

Made of galvanized steel plate with white 0.6 mm lacquer. letters in black with plate number: "Coto Privado de Caza". Size: 51 x 33 cm. Minium order: 24 pieces. PLEASE, NOTE DOWN THE PLATE NUMBER OF YOUR HUNTING PRESERVE IN THE OBSERVATIONS SECTION OF YOUR ORDER.
  • -19,91 €
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Dispensador Digital de Grano Plegable

Regular price 129,90 €
-19,91 € Price 109,99 €
¡El sistema más cómodo y seguro para alimentar y atraer a los animales! Este dispensador de grano cuenta con un reloj digital que permite programarlo para alimentar a los animales hasta 4 veces al día. Muy fácil y cómodo de usar: solo hay que añadir el grano, colgar el dispensador en el lugar...
  • -24,91 €
  • Recommended

Wireless Hunting Alarm

Regular price 79,90 €
-24,91 € Price 54,99 €
Easy assembly. Wireless alarm that will warn you in a 100% effective way when the animal is in the area where you have placed the alarm. It's composed by an emitter and a receiver especially designed for hunting. You need to place the sensor in the place desired and it will send an alarm to the...
  • -6,51 €

Multi Purpose Shooting Bench

Regular price 131,50 €
-6,51 € Price 124,99 €
2 in 1: ypu can use it as a shooting bench or as a barrel support. Made completely of steel is suitable for right or lefthanded shooters. Rubber feet for maximum stability. 5 cm of elevation adjustment. Rear plate to avoid recoil. Soft and precise grip to adjust gun elevation....
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Spray for Odor Barriers for Blue Crops

Price 21,99 €
It will protect your crops from wild animals (wild boar, deer, roe deer ...) A line of aluminum sheets is placed every 8-12 m. throughout the area through which the animals can enter and some sheets within the cultivated land and are impregnated with the odor spray with component B. The...

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