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Tick ??repellent mail

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Enjoy nature by protecting yourself with this small device that emits ultrasonic pulses that are harmless and imperceptible to animals but detected by fleas and ticks, making them unpleasant and keeping them away. It works with a lithium battery and lasts from 10 to 12 months. Special for...

Vetnova Endure Farnam Horse Insecticide 200 ml

Price 18,49 €
The Vetnova Endure Farnam Horse 200 ml insecticide has a new spray presentation, being excellent for protecting horses from mosquitoes. It reduces the stress suffered by horses due to the discomfort caused by insects, as well as reduces the risk of contagion of diseases transmitted by...

LPC Insect Repellent "Espace Gel"

Price 18,99 €
LPC "Espace Gel" Insect Repellent is an insect repellent gel that provides tranquility to the horse . It is formulated with essential oils . Direct application on the horse. Composition : 0.25% chrysanthemum cinerariaefolio produced from open and mature flowers of tanacetum...

Insect Repellent LPC "Espace Spray"

Price 18,99 €
The LPC Insect Repellent "Espace Spray" is? Formulated with essential oils and repels insects to provide maximum tranquility to the horse . In the form of a spray for direct spraying on the horse. It has a very pleasant smell. Composition : paramenthane 3.8 diol, biocide active...

Insect Repellent LPC "Espace Extreme"

Price 21,99 €
LPC "Espace Extreme" Insect Repellent is an ideal anti-insect spray to act against horseflies, flies, ticks and culicoides . The spraying must be done in the environment of the horse. It has a prolonged effectiveness of up to 3 weeks . Composition : 0.125% of chrysanthemum...

Diptron Barrier Insect Repellent

Price 29,99 €
El repelente de insectos para caballos Diptron Barrera está  Indicado para repeler eficazmente insectos, tábanos, moscas, mosquitos y parásitos externos, garrapatas, piojos, pulgas ...  Este repelente actúa adhiriéndose sobre el pelaje del animal y formando una barrera protectora que...
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The Cavallo mask is made of mesh with ear flaps to protect the horse from uncomfortable insects and is very breathable. Colour: black.
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Zaldi Anti-Itch Lotion with Avena Sativa

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The Zaldi anti-itch lotion with Avena Sativa has the function of restoring the dermal properties of the horse's skin , being a completely natural product for topical use. It is fast absorbing and does not need to be covered with bandages. For its application, spray the horse in those...

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