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Book The Pointer

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The book The Pointer translates the author's more than 30 years of experience as pointers breeder. The book collects the story, the character, the education of the hunter dog par excellence. Editorial: Editorial El Drac, S.L. Pages: 188 Size: 24x16 cm

Incunables: Hunting and Wildlife

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The Incunables: Hunting and Wildlife it contains chapters on 15th century art-hunting, and the impact of the advent of printing. Characteristics Description of the vehicle: Cygnetic and other faunic chapters, interspersed with works printed in the 15th century, which in practice are...

The New Book of the Labrador Retriever

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The The New Book of the Labrador Retriever provides information about the labrador retriever, such as history, training, or feeding, with color photographs. Characteristics Description of the vehicle: It offers content on the history, standard, origin and evolution of the breed, birth,...

Book La Perdiz and its Hunt at Jump and in Hand

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The Book La Perdiz and its Hunt at Jump and in Hand it's a book about the red partridge, and how to hunt it. Characteristics Description of the vehicle: It describes everything related to the red partridge such as its life and reproduction, customs, and hunting methods. By: This is...
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5 DVD's captivating collection to discover everything about traditional hunting modalities. "Silvestrismo" from "A" to "Z: an interesting documentary about the way the capture is, the song education y and the later competitions . Length: 30 min. Under fly: the first steps: Enjoy your...
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DVD Nova Toma, All safari: "Namibia"

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Live all the excitement of big game hunting thanks to Nova Toma. These dvds will give you an approach of different hunting categories. ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPANISH.
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Each Dvd lasts 50 minutes. A- Hunting antelopes in Argentina and hunting rabbits with Pointer. B- The partridge's call and partridges at hand in Argentina. C- Freestand and decoy wood pigeons' hunting and wild boar "monteria- hound" hunting in Bercolan. D- Great international hunting...
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DVD International Hunting. Shot to Death

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Enjoy Mark Sullivan's complete DVD collection. The most exciting hunting images taken from different safaries: from buffaloes to elephants, lions, hippoes, leopards, and sometimes shooting less than 2 meters away! Buffalo, lion and leopard hunt. Running time: 98 min. ONLY AVAILABLE IN...
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DVD: How to use Calls

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With this DVD, you will learn the correct use of the sound breeding animals. It tells, with the maximum detail, how to reproduce the sound of every bird and it will teach you what is the sound that you must learn to become a master in the art of reproducing sounds. Languages: English and...