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Boots Chiruca Massana Gore-Tex the Red Woman

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The boot Chiruca Massana Gore-Tex it's the best choice for your hiking trails where you need maximum grip and waterproofing. Characteristics Waterproof tanned leather: much more water resistant. Cordura® water-repellent: It is a natural-looking, highly abrasion-resistant synthetic...
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Footgel Women

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The templates Footgel woman have the following characteristics: Patented design allows constant airflow at each step, providing quick drying avoiding moisture and bad smells. Its patented design architecture produces maximum comfort for your feet. The tissue is attached to the gel by a...
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Sandals Chiruca Malibu Woman

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Discover the elegant and functional sandals for women Malibu of the well-known brand Chiruca. What. These sandals are designed to provide comfort and safety at your feet , without compromising your style or your freedom of movement. The cut of the sandals is made of high-quality synthetic...
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Sandals Chiruca Suriman

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The sandals Chiruca Suriman they're the perfect footwear to withstand high temperatures and keep your feet cool during outdoor activities or city walks. These sandals were designed with your comfort and protection in mind. One of the main features of the Sandals Chiruca Suriman is its ability...
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Boots Rouchette Tajo Forro Neopreno

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The rubber boots Rouchette Cutting with other, of circular cross-section For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply: that allows maximum insulation even under extreme conditions . What. They are also f these are covered in natural rubber, which allows heavy...
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Boots Aigle Tenere Light

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The boots Aigle Tenere Light they're very light and breathable, perfect for long walks in the countryside. Characteristics Padded cane: provides comfort and excellent ankle support to prevent possible injury. The the Eco-Ortholite® template , provides excellent cushioning while allowing...
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Boots Rouchette Duero

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The boots Rouchette Duero with lining are designed so that you can hunt comfortably even on the coldest days. Specially lined interior to ensure maximum warmth. They also stand out for their lightness and resistance. They have antibacterial treatment and deodorant, for maximum hygiene....
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Shoes Chiruca Cuba Gore-Tex Female

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The mountain slippers Chiruca Cuba Gore Tex woman they have a shape specially designed for women. Characteristics Made of synthetic material and mesh. GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Lining: Provides the necessary waterproofness and breathability and the optimum climatic comfort to perform...
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Rechargeable templates with heating and remote control

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Rechargeable heat sinks with lithium battery and without wires . What. They are activated remotely with a small remote control (range: 2 meters), it is not necessary to remove the insoles from the shoe to turn on/off. They keep your feet nice and warm. Regulated by a thermostat, they maintain...
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Waiting Booties

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Waiting booties are a new product designed for waiting and static hunting. They have a sole to be able to move with them . Resistant to water and wind. Very light. They don't need batteries or anything Similary. They are designed to retain 90% of your own body heat. Forget being cold...
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Sandals Regatta Holcombe

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The footwear Regatta Holcombe they are designed with a molded insert that stabilizes the foot when walking. They have the EVA waterproof template. The upper part is of mesh and polyurethane, inside the lining is of spandex, with the seams sealed. Its finish is durable and waterproof. They are...
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Sandalia Regatta Terrarock

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The sandal Regatta Terrarock has the following characteristics: Velcro tapes are fitted to the foot and heel to achieve greater grip on the foot. Padded strap to prevent friction Lightweight, strong, non-slip and durable sole Moulded EVA template, which absorbs more impacts Spandex...
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Sand tactical boots

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Tactical sand-colored boots made from double-stitched sawdust. Neck and tongue padded, midsole molded from high compression EVA for added comfort and lightness. Rubber sole for a perfect grip.
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Sports shoes Paredes Draco Unisex

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Sports shoes Paredes Draco Unisex are specially designed for long walks or extensive journeys, being perfect for hunting, hiking, mountaineering or any physical activity . What. Designed to maximize comfort and avoid pain and swelling in the feet. Comfortable, lightweight and...
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Leather Nautical Shoes

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These boots are designed to provide maximum comfort and durability. The sole is sewn and they're made of high-quality oiled leather. The eyelets are galvanized metal and the laces are also leather. The sole is of other, of circular cross-section , specially designed to ensure maximum grip...
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Sandals Regatta The Santa Clara Lady

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-€12.40 Price €20.65
The footwear Regatta The Santa Clara Lady they're designed with a specific female form with a molded insert that stabilizes the foot when walking. They have the anatomical EVA waterproof template. The pin is nobuk and polyurethane for a comfortable fit and with the seams sealed. Its finish is...
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Footgel Sport

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The templates Footgel have the following characteristics: Patented design allows constant airflow at each step, providing quick drying avoiding moisture and bad smells Sequential cushioning, its patented design architecture produces maximum foot comfort and grip. The tissue is attached...
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Sandals Chiruca GUAM

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Comodidad ante todo. El mejor calzado para este verano. Sandalia travel de caballero, creada para las caminatas por el monte y por la ciudad. Materiales: Piel flor grabada. Mesh de alta duración. Detalles bordados en textil. Cierre de velcro que le permite ajustar la sandalia...
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Boreal Forest Muflón Boots

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The Muflón model is a high performance boot, all-terrain, high / medium length whose height is the ideal for different outdoor activities, providing at the same time protection and comfort when walking in different terrains. The first quality materials of this boot have been selected carefully to...
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Zapatillas de Montaña Regatta Varane para Hombre

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Las zapatillas de la marca Regatta modelo Varane  son para hombre y especialmente diseñadas para disfrutar al aire libre en las jornadas de deporte al aire libre. Combina las últimas tendencias con las mejores tecnologías e innovación en calzado de aventura. De inspiración atlética, tiene una...
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Botas Chiruca Boxer Boa GORE-TEX

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Las botas Boxer Boa Gore-Tex® de Chiruca para hombre , están fabricados en piel nobuck hidrofugada y napa hidrofugada . Además, añade el cuello napa perforado y cuenta con el forro Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort y a su misma vez, dispone de sistema de cierre BOA® con...
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Footgel Footbridge of Santiago template

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-€4.96 Price €11.56
Las plantillas Footgel Camino de Santiago tienen las siguientes características: Desarrollado por nuestra empresa y testado por el instituto de Biomecánica de la Universidad de Valencia. Espuma técnica de 2mm de espesor, densidad 180 kg/m3. Amortiguación secuencial, su arquitectura de...
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Boots Regatta Garsdale Junior

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The boots Regatta i 'm sorry have the following characteristics: Made of synthetic leather and mesh. Waterproof with an ISOTEX membrane. Reinforcements on the way. EVA rubber sole with excellent grip on all types of terrain.