Butts and Accessories for weapons

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Cantonese Benelli Technogel 35 mm

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The corner Benelli Technogel 35 mm it has an anatomical design aimed at maximising the support on the shoulder of the shooter . What. It is manufactured in technogel whose main function is to increase the contact surface, with the mission of reducing recoil. The materials used are of...
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Cartridge Bag Beretta English terrain

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The cartridge bag Beretta English terrain it belongs to the classic hunting line, drawing inspiration from nature. Always looking to offer the closest experience. Materials such as cotton and leather are used. Including shockproof textile technologies with double density to create a quality...

Air pipe PCP Hatsan

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The air pipe PCP Hatsan is compatible with the following carbines HatsanThe following: Model AT44 (180CC.). Model BT65 (255CC). Model Bullboss (230CC). Model ATP1/ATP2 (50CC.).
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Cantonese Elite

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Elite cannon capable of reducing recoil to 70%. Easy to install and high performance.