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Navaja CRKT Homefront EDC

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La Navaja CRKT Homefront EDC ha sido diseñada por Ken Onion y se convertirá en un modelo imprescindible de tu colección. Esta navaja incluye la tecnología Field Strip, un sistema con el que podrás desmontarla fácilmente para limpiarla en profundidad sin necesidad de utilizar otras...
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Knife Muela Enterizo Gavilan

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The knife Muela Enterizo and Gavilan, manufactured from stabilized beech and brass logs. Includes brown leather case. Specifications It's made of steel. Hardness: 57-58 HRC. For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:. For the purposes of this...

Classical Wood

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The traditional wooden knife it is designed with a stainless steel blade, with an aluminum spool, a riveted wooden handle, and a lever lock system. It comes in a presentation case. It is available in two models with red or zebra wood handle. Zebra wood is native to central and western...
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Navaja Collection Muela Curro Damascus Asta's grip

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The collection knife Muela Curro Damascus has a Damascus stainless steel sheet, forged using two types of powder metallurgical steel (RWL34 and PMC27) and joined to each other at 1150 ° C and a pressure of 1.00 atmospheres, thanks to this process a steel of a resistance to breakage twice as high...
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Luxury knife Muela Other

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The fancy knife Muela Other it has a handle of deer tail and brass, with a blade of moVa steel really resistant to corrosion it also adds toughness and promotes longevity. Specifications Served in a high-quality handmade case with a metal lid. Pumpkin with a boar's head. Although...

Knife Muela SH16

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The knife Muela SH16 it stands out for its robustness and versatility. It also comes with stainless steel blade and deer tail handle Characteristics Length of leaf: 16 cm. Length of handle: 12 cm. Total length: 28 cm. Sheet thickness: 3 mm. Includes a premium leather case . The...
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Knife Caza

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This knife is very practical for lovers of hunting, for its size and versatility can be used in multiple tasks. Characteristics Size of the leaf: 10.60 cm. Size of the handle: 12.40 cm. Total length: eight inches. Type of steel: 3CR13MOV. Sheet thickness: 3,77 mm. Type of...
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Knife Caza Olivo

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The hunting knife Olive it's small, it's tough, and it's robust. Qualities that make it suitable for a wide variety of situations. Characteristics Size of the leaf: 13.70 cm. Size of the handle: 12.40 cm. Total length: 26.10 cm. Type of steel: 3CR13MOV. Sheet thickness: 3,77 mm....