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Red dot Nikko Stirling

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El visor Punto Rojo Nikko Stirling ,  una serie de visores destinada al tiro instintivo.   El tiro instintivo es una disciplina exigente, puesto que es necesario fijar el objetivo rápidamente. Un ajuste preciso sin paralelaje o limitaciones de distancia al ocular, es vital para conseguir una...
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Vortex Diamondback Binoculars

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Los prismáticos Vortex Diamondback HD son ideales para los amantes de la naturaleza, el senderismo y la montaña. El nuevo sistema óptico HD está optimizado con una selección de elementos para la creación del vidrio, que proporcionan una resolución excepcional, y reducen la aberración...
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Thermal monocular Zeiss DTI 3/25

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The thermal monocular Zeiss DTI 3/25 with high-quality thermal optics it offers a wide field of view from 26 m to 100 m away. The ZEISS DTI 3/25 offers an advantage where a broad overview is important: in the recess and the grooves. Its wide field of view provides images that are rich in...
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Other, of circular cross-section Bushnell Engage

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The binoculars Bushnell Engage they have the best value for money on the market. They are an authentic all-terrain option for their robustness, which also serves to carry them as basic equipment in the backpack, for weekend camping trips or on a hunting day. Characteristics The frame...
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Telescope Bushnell Forge 20-60x80 Forge 45th Terrain

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The telescope Bushnell FORGE 20- 60x 80 mm, combined to allow long-range targeting with high resolution and excellent light transmission in all lighting conditions. The 45-degree eyepiece allows flexible viewing during hunting, shooting or nature watching. Designed to the highest...
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Monoculars Bushnell The Legend HD Tactical

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The monocular Bushnell The Legend HD Tactical it stands out for its characteristics of great lightness and small size, which make it very manageable. It has an extraordinary sharpness thanks to the ED Prime glass used in its optics and the Ultra Wide Band Rainguard HD treatment, the latest...
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Other, of circular cross-section Tasco Essentials Roof

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The binoculars Tasco Essentials Roof they offer high-performance optics, a rugged exterior with a waterproof rubber housing. They are very durable, these binoculars are ideal for observation at great distances. Technical data sheet model 8x21: Power x objective diameter (mm): 8x21....
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Viewfinder Zeiss Victory Diarange 2.5-10x50t with distance meter and illuminated lattice

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The Zeiss Victory gives us the exact measurement of any target that we set in the center of the grid and that is at a distance between 10 and 999 meters. Getting this figure is as simple as pressing a button that we have just below the rangefinder, without having to lose face for this action. The...
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In the case of vehicles of categories N1 and N2

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Monocular at night NV14 2a Plus clearer shots! This is a very compact and robust second-generation versatile model designed to be used as a handheld monocular, mounted on a helmet It has a protective cover over the lens of the lens intended to protect the lens from dust and scratches....
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Adaptador de Iphone 5 para Prismáticos

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El adaptador Iphone 5 es válido para prismáticos Zeiss Victory HT, Swarovski EL, Nikon Monarch/Prostaff Este nuevo adaptador conecta su smartphone con un telescopio o prismático, convirtiendo a su móvil en un equipo de foto o de video. Garantiza un ajuste seguro y preciso, permitiendo unas...
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Nikon Viewer European

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Nikon's latest release in 30mm tube viewfinders. Their optical systems and the treatment of their lenses make them one of the best scopes with 30 mm tubes and with a unique quality / price ratio.Resistant to water and fogging, they are filled with nitrogen gas and with gaskets that prevent any...
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Universal Case for Binoculars

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The universal case will protect your binoculars from dust and mud, it also includes 2 built-in lens cloths, which makes it easy to clean them. The retention band keeps the sleeve on top allowing the user to quickly put it on when needed.