Chaquetas y Softshells

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Ilie Waterproof Jacket

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La Chaqueta Hart Ilie es una chaqueta ideal para tus travesías por la naturaleza o para tus jornadas de caza aunque el tiempo sea lluvioso, ya que es impermeable y silenciosa . Está fabricada en tejido resistente de microtoplon laminado y una membrana PU (poliuretano) impermeable, para poder...
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Shell Hart Stratos-J jacket

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La chaqueta Shell Hart Stratos-J es de diseño deportivo y actual. Tiene las siguientes características: Muy ligera. Construcción mixta con estructura de tejido softshell elástico. Capucha fija. Composición: Exterior 1: 100% Nylon. Exterior 2: 94% Poliéster y 6% Elastano. Padding:...
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Hart Wagrain-Fz Blaze Fleece

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El forro polar Hart Wagrain-Fz Blaze es ligero e ideal para su uso. Tiene las siguientes características: Chaqueta polar.Cremallera frontal. 3 bolsillos. Tecnologías: Noiseless: Tejidos que generan un reducido ruido por fricción. 2 Way Zip: Cremallera de doble carro para un mayor confort...
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Coat Hart Cleef-S

Price €44.62
The jacket Hart Cleef-S it has an ergonomic and tight cut, making it a comfortable and lightweight garment. It's made of a warm, very elastic polar fabric. It can be worn as an outer jacket or as an intermediate garment. It has three zippered pockets. The following technologies: Stretch:...
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Coat Hart Power Shell Iron 2-PS

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The jacket Hart Power Shell Iron 2-PS it's ideal for hunting, especially in cold climates. It has the best textile technology, made for the most demanding hunters. Characteristics Thanks to its fabric, it's very light. Ideal for long days of activity. Its orange colour significantly...
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Coat Hart Manufacture from materials of any heading

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The jacket Hart Manufacture from materials of any heading it's perfect for hunting. It's highly efficient in any kind of weather, thanks to its textile technology, it's layer z to regulate thermal levels. Characteristics It is lightweight, since it is made of trilaminated fabric. It's...
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Coat Hart Alpine-J

Price €73.55
The jacket Hart Alpine-J it's padded, sports-cut, ideal for hunting and any outdoor activity. It's very light and hooded. It offers warmth and comfort. Characteristics It's made of polyester. It has three zippered pockets. It comes with a bag for easy transportation and storage....

Polar lining Hart Inliner-Z

Price €40.49
The lining Polar Hart Inliner-Z it's ideal for hunting or any outdoor activity. It can be used outdoors or as an intermediate insulating layer. Characteristics It has three zippered pockets Xtra Warm: it has on the inside of the jacket, an insulating layer that provides extra...
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Coat Hart Moritz-Ps

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The jacket Hart Moritz-Ps it features a sports court and is specially designed for hunters. It can be used outdoors and as an outdoor active. Characteristics Thanks to its tissue, it provides warmth to the body inside. It has elastic properties and a tight cut. It's an ergonomic...

Joint Fisheries Hart Oceanic Pro

Price €147.93
Together Hart Oceanic Pros: Total protection on your adventures The Together Hart Oceanic Pro it is your perfect ally to defy inclement weather during your fishing days, whether on the coast or on board a boat. This two-piece suit, made up of jacket and backpack, offers a perfect...
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Monopieza para Esperas Hart Oakland O2

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Comfortable, warm and waterproof without causing the slightest noise! The one-piece for waiting Hart Oakland O2 it's a technical garment with the best features. Light and comfortable, it will provide a extraordinary shelter during their waiting, without causing the slightest noise....
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Reversible jacket Hart Signus S2

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The reversible jacket Hart Signus S2 it combines a silent outer fabric and a waterproof/breathable membrane. Plus, their Pixel Forest camouflage will help you camouflage yourself, to quietly approach your targets. Characteristics 4 pockets on each side: 2 zipper pockets for transmitter/GPS...
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Chaqueta de Caza Hart Armotion-J XHP

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The hunting jacket Hart Armotion-J XHP has been designed with a ergonomic design system , therefore, the jacket has the ability to adapt to the movements made by the hunter during the activity. It is made of highly resistant and durable nylon, with strategically placed reinforcements of...
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Hart Heide-J Hunting Jacket

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The Hart Heide-J hunting jacket has been manufactured with highly silent microfiber fabric, making it perfect to enjoy hunting. It has a very light padding and a laminated waterproof PU membrane that is located inside the jacket. It stands out for the high impermeability it presents,...
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Chaqueta de Caza Hart Belfort-J

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-€22.32 Price €64.45
The hunting jacket Hart Belfort-J it stands out for being waterproof and very quiet, made with high-quality materials that provide it lightness and breathability . What. It is designed to protect you from the low temperatures and common rain in cold or winter climates. Perfect to accompany...

Coat Hart Altai-J Reversible High Visibility

Price €322.31
The jacket Hart Altai-J High visibility   and it's made of a soft, tough, silent fabric with a warm, soft interior. High watertightness (8000 mm) and breathability it is not suitable for use in households. It is reversible and very versatile, perfect for any kind of winter...
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Coat Hart Ural

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Coat Hart Ural The Coat Hart Ural-JC Cover Jacket is the ideal complement for hunters seeking protection and comfort in their outdoor adventures. Made in a modern Pxel camouflage (Pixel Forest), this jacket offers an attractive style and an effective camouflage in different types of...
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Chaqueta Hart Sosbun-O Reversible

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La Chaqueta Hart Sosbun-O Reversible cuenta con un lado de color verde kaki, con otro lado de   camuflaje Blaze de alta visibilidad, y 4 bolsillos con cremallera en cada lado. Características: Reversible: Por un lado color verde kaki, por el otro lado   camuflaje Blaze de alta...
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Hart Ibero-J XHP Jacket

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The Hart Ibero-J XHP Jacket has a removable anti-insect net and is water repellent, ideal for activities in nature. Features: Fabric: Rip stop cotton blend canvas, very resistant. Hydro-repellent function : Repels water. Insect net: Removable. Pockets: It has two zippered...
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Chaqueta Hart Skade-J Píxel Camo

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La Chaqueta Hart Skade-J Píxel Camo cuenta con diferentes bolsillos exteriores e interiores, capucha desmontable, y es resistente, silenciosa, impermeable y cálida, para practicar   actividades al aire libre en invierno. Características: Clima frío: Preparada para proteger del frío....
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Chaqueta Hart Belfort-S Mujer

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-€23.98 Price €62.80
La Chaqueta Hart Belfort-S Mujer está preparada para evitar la humedad en el interior y proteger del frío, cuenta con bolsillos con cremallera, y con un bolsillos para emisora, perfecta para días de caza. Características: Bolsillos:  2 bolsillos frontales con cremallera, bolsillo en...
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Softshell Hart Montrose-S

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The Softshell Hart Montrose-S it features an orange design to provide high visibility, windproof Windtech membrane, warm interior, zippered pockets and inner pocket, and is rugged and durable. Characteristics High visibility: Orange design, to provide high visibility indicating...
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Coat Hart Aizke-J

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-€14.88 Price €128.92
The jacket Hart Aizke-J has the hARTWARE technology windmills , which helps you in the temperature control during active hunting, hiking or other recreational sports activities. Also, thanks to technology XTrech Dynamic integrated, you will have the freedom of movement you need it...