Peces Artificiales y señuelos pesca

Artificial fish Hart Inverted 130

Price €11.56
Artificial fish Hart Inverted 130 If you're looking for a lure for bass and bass fishing, the artificial fish Hart Invert 130 is an excellent choice. This suspended jerk bait is lightweight and stylized, making it ideal for long-range throwing thanks to its internal ball transfer . What....

Hart Xagu 65 Artificial Fish

Price €6.60
With the Hart Xagu 65 artificial fish, with its design that mimics a small field mouse, you will be able to attract basses, pike and large trout. It stands out for its simple manageability. Characteristics: Weight: 13 gr. Size: 65 mm Swimming Type: Top Water Sinking Type:...
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Artificial bait Hart X Gill

From Regular price €3.97
-€0.67 Price €3.30
The bait Hart X-Gill it is designed so that your swimming motion attracts to marine and inland predators. The red and orange tones they give their better results when you fishing in surface area and the lighter and more natural tones are most suitable for cloudy days, deep...

Jig Head Hart T Football

From Price €5.78
Jig Head Hart T Football Tungsten jig shaped like a rugby ball with extra soft silicone skirts perfect for all kinds of trailer mounts. Its matte black finish and special sound make it perfect for technical fishing.
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Jig Hart RSF Microflash

Regular price €4.88
-€0.75 Price €4.12
The Hart RSF Microflash Jig is a small but resistant jig that you can use in casting and / or vertical fishing modalities to capture predators thanks to its bright colors and the way you swim, which makes them irresistible to predators. Characteristics: Size: 55mm. Weight: 10 g.

Hart Bullet 95S Artificial Fish

Price €6.60
Con el pez artificial Hart Bullet 95S conseguirás una gran longitud de lance gracias a sus contrapesos internos y su estupenda aerodinámica. Además, por tener el perfil afilado podrás atraer todo tipo de depredadores ya que destaca por su walking subsuperficial y rápidez.  Características:...

Hart Real-R Artificial Fish

Price €4.95
El pez artificial Hart Real-R se caracteriza por ser versátil y muy polivalente, con un tamaño pequeño es ideal para tentar a los depredadores ya sea en el lance o vertical . Perfecto para la pesca de casting y  slow jigging.  Características: El modelo viene en diferentes colores...

Hart Tenya Artificial Fish

From Price €4.95
El pez artificial Hart Tenya basó su diseño en una técnica de Japón proveniente de sus ancestros, tomando un cebo natural como si fuera uno artificial. Por lo tanto, este pez artificial es perfecto para la pesca vertical con el barco a la deriva. Características: Este modelo viene en...
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Lure Hart RSF Nano Jig

Regular price €3.88
-€0.59 Price €3.30
The new Hart RSF Nano Jig lure stands out for its small size but also for the multiple fishing variants in which we can use it thanks to its front flash assist. Available in various colors. Characteristics: Size: 4 cm. Weight: 5 gr.

Hart RSF Squid Lure

Price €3.30
The Hart RSF Squid lure is a set with a weight of 3.5 gr and 10mm in diameter , you have three colors to choose from. It consists of a small-sized squid that has been mounted with a light and sharp jig head. Characteristics: Ideal for light spinning and rock fishing. Thanks...
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Vinyl Hart Manolo & Co

From Regular price €4.75
-€0.63 Price €4.12
Hart MANOLO & CO vinyl , designed in collaboration with developers Sergio Longas and Rubén Tarazona, is an innovative bait that represents a group of grouped fish. Its assembly is so simple that it surprises with lightness and its ease of movement, not compromising your equipment or...
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Vinyl Hart Remora Set + Minnow

Regular price €4.05
-€0.75 Price €3.30
El vinilo Hart Remora Set + Minnow presenta las siguientes características : Destaca su alta efectividad en relación con la sujeción del gancho gracias su anclado en dos partes (barriga y labio). Aumenta tus probabilidades de captura ya que tiene una movilidad superior y más natural en...