Especial Berrea

T-shirt Hart Active-Z

Price €34.70
The t-shirt Hart Active-Z is intended to be used as an intermediate layer or thicker undergarment. Made of elastic fabric with a very pleasant inner touch. It helps sweat out and dries quickly, providing a great feeling of warmth and comfort. Especially designed for hunting situations....
  • -€7.45

T-shirt Hart Crew-L

From Regular price €23.14
-€7.45 Price €15.69
The long sleeve T-shirt Hart Crew-L has a mesh tissue on the armpit to facilitate ventilation. Weight of fabric: 135 g. Composed by: Exterior 1: 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Exterior 2: 100% polyester, whether or not covered.

Other Hart Alpine-V

Price €53.71
The vest Hart Alpine-V it's light and easy to use. Its design is sporty and provides warmth to the body. It can be used as the last layer of clothing. Characteristics It has three zipper pockets. With the purchase comes a bag to better store and transport the vest. It consists of...
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Coat Hart Alpine-J

Price €73.55
The jacket Hart Alpine-J it's padded, sports-cut, ideal for hunting and any outdoor activity. It's very light and hooded. It offers warmth and comfort. Characteristics It's made of polyester. It has three zippered pockets. It comes with a bag for easy transportation and storage....
  • -€18.15
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Hart Ibero-J XHP Jacket

Regular price €74.34
-€18.15 Price €56.19
The Hart Ibero-J XHP Jacket has a removable anti-insect net and is water repellent, ideal for activities in nature. Features: Fabric: Rip stop cotton blend canvas, very resistant. Hydro-repellent function : Repels water. Insect net: Removable. Pockets: It has two zippered...
  • -€6.58

Coat Hart Ural

Regular price €57.81
-€6.58 Price €51.23
Coat Hart Ural The Coat Hart Ural-JC Cover Jacket is the ideal complement for hunters seeking protection and comfort in their outdoor adventures. Made in a modern Pxel camouflage (Pixel Forest), this jacket offers an attractive style and an effective camouflage in different types of...
  • -€19.02

Reversible jacket Hart Signus S2

Regular price €119.83
-€19.02 Price €100.82
The reversible jacket Hart Signus S2 it combines a silent outer fabric and a waterproof/breathable membrane. Plus, their Pixel Forest camouflage will help you camouflage yourself, to quietly approach your targets. Characteristics 4 pockets on each side: 2 zipper pockets for transmitter/GPS...
  • -€7.45

Reversible jacket Hart Subun 2D

Regular price €114.88
-€7.45 Price €107.43
Reversible jacket Hart Subun 2D The Reversible jacket Sosbun 2D from HART it's a silent, windproof jacket for hunting large game in the creek . What. The forest camouflage pattern allows the hunter to approach his target silently and undetected. The blaze camouflage pattern highly...
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Cap Hart Sign-C pixel

Price €17.35
The Cap Hart Sign-C pixel has a pixel camouflage design, kaki or orange, to go unnoticed in nature, or for greater visibility. Characteristics Design: The camouflage cap. Forest: The value of all the materials used does not exceed 20% of the ex-works price of the product of a...
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Pants Hart Ibero T-XHP

Regular price €50.83
-€2.90 Price €47.93
The pants Hart Ibero T-XHP, it will give you comfort and camouflage , for hunting conditions in dry weather. Characteristics Quietly : Fabrics which generate reduced frictional noise. Preformed knees for increased comfort. With elastic belt on both sides for added comfort....
  • -€5.75

Pants Hart Ural

Regular price €49.55
-€5.75 Price €43.79
Pants Hart Ural The pants Hart Ural-TC is l perfect choice for hunters seeking comfort and protection in their outdoor adventures . These pixel camouflage cover pants are made of ultralight elastic fabric that provides freedom of movement and durability. Tanatex® treatment applied to...