Pesca Curricán

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Reed Hart Cimarron

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The Hart Cimarron rod , for high-level trolling for professionals, with a super-careful design. Resistant solid fiber blanks . High-end ALPS roller guides with stainless bearings. ALPS metal reel seat with reinforced threads. Taped grips. ALPS metal crosshead ends and...
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Cane Hart Cinnamon 120RB

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-€66.95 Price €412.39
The Cane Hart Cinnamon 120RB it's a very high-end curricane for professionals. It's very carefully designed. Characteristics Woven fabrics containing predominantly, but 200 g/m2 High-end ALPS roller rings with stainless bearings. ALPS metal carrier with reinforced threads....
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Popping Hart Caa 25S 7.10

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-€23.98 Price €223.13
The Hart 25S Popping 7.10 rod is perfect for anglers who love tuna fishing and all that it entails. Features: Lightweight carbon construction material up to 40 TN. Sensitive toe cap and Fuji K rings make it possible to throw small spoons of 20 or 30 grams Great reserve of power in...
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Reed Hart One

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The Hart One rod , resistant solid fiber blanks . Reinforced rings for boat with roller pointer. Metal reel seat with reinforced threads. High density EVA grips. Metallic crosshead ends. Nylon sheath. Characteristics: Length: 1.67 m Sections: 1 Action: 20/30 Lbs Weight: 563...
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Reed Hart Blue Finn

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Las cañas Hart Blue Finn de curricán son super fiables para largas jornadas de pesca. Resistentes blanks tubulares de carbono. Anillas ALPS de rodillo y de embarcación. Portacarretes metálicos ALPS con roscas reforzadas hexagonales. Empuñaduras EVA de alta densidad. Conteras de cruceta...
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Cane Hart Blue Finn

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-€5.79 Price €123.96
The cane Blue Finn Trolling it's perfect for medium curricane in its ML and M actions and for haze in its H action. Super-durable blanks of e-fiber glass. Rings FUJI K ALCONITE with special spiral mounting. Other vehicles aluminium with removable stock. Aluminium ALPS wheel....

Hart Toro Tunus rod

Price €98.34
The Hart Toro Tunus rod is specially designed to enjoy vertical fishing, it must be used with an electric reel. Highly recommended for hake and large grouper fishing on the seabed greater than 300 meters deep. Specs: It has a sensitive and very powerful parabolic blank ,...
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Reed Hart Toro Vertical SP 7C

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-€7.45 Price €62.80
The Hart Toro Vertical SP 7C rod is a versatile casting rod for fishing from boats or ducks. Perfect for fishing drift sea bass and dentex or pollock vertically from our boat at sea. Equally magnificent for fishing large pike and catfish vertically from boat or duck in the large swamps...
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Reel Hart One 30

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The Hart One 30 reel has the following characteristics: Fishing reel made of ultralight and corrosion resistant graphite. 8 bearing technology with multi-point anti-reverse. Carbon and steel disc brake micro-adjustable by multi-position cam. Powerful stainless crank with oversized...
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Hart One Metal Reel

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The Hart One Metal reel offers guaranteed power and reliability on your trolling days. This fishing reel is made of a machined aluminum chassis. Characteristics: High resistance graphite side covers. Aluminum coil. Stainless steel pinion. 6-bearing technology with infinite...