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Black Fire Predator Attractant Pack

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-€9.09 Price €23.96
The Black Fire PREDATOR attractant bases its effectiveness on a strong natural aroma, irresistible to predators such as foxes, raccoons and all kinds of vermin . The novelty of this product is that it includes an integrated sponge to facilitate dripping, so that you can deposit the...
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Handcrafted Fox Call

Price €11.56
We guarantee them as the best ever found calls. Thoroughly hand crafted, they boast a perfect sound and finish.
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Special extract for Zorro

Price €24.79
The perfect attraction for the fox. This extract is made up of oils that offer a highly attractive scent to the fox. It's very easy to use as you just have to leave a little bit of this special extract in the area you want to direct the fox to that area. Content: 500 ml of water. The use of...
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Nordik predator Fox Call. Rodent Sound

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This call has been developed to call foxes. It imitates the rodent squeaks, distress calls from rabbits and hares and fawn distress calls.
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Helen Baud Fox Call

Price €26.44
Imitates the sound of rabbits.
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Three Fox Calls Pack

Regular price €73.55
-€41.33 Price €32.22
Special pack with 3 calls to call foxes. They produce different sounds. One imitates a wounded bird. Other imitates different rodent sound. The third imitates the sound of female foxes during the mating.
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Nordik Predator Fox Plain Pain (Hands Free)

Price €13.21
Ther ultimate call from Nordik Predator's family. Easy to blow without using your hands. The design allows to hold it with your teeth keeping you hands free, so it can be used until you start shooting. This game call gives the sounds an extra dimension of pain and agony. The membrane is...
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