Attractive Black Fire Special wild boar

Price €4.95
The olfactory lure Black Fire Special is indicated to attract wild boar and deer . What. The scent of beech bran is mixed with the smell of salt and anise, something that wild boars find very tempting, i'm going to make sure that they return regularly to the place where the product was...
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Beech oil

Price €20.65
Pure beech fuel, which will work as a long distance attractant for deers and wild boars. Coat the trees up to a height of 50-100 m. and wild boars will use them as a skin delouser.
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Special Extract for Deers

Price €30.57
Totally irresistible to deer. This special extract for deer has a major attraction for this animal and as a result you can easily direct the animal to the desired area. Only spray a little of this product in trees, shrubs ... the deer will smell it and go to them. It is made with a composition of...
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Nordik Predator Deer Call

Price €31.40
Reproducer Nordik Predator that mimics a deer's distress call. This sound attracts the herd, which comes to their aid. Depending on how you use this player, it may also catch the attention of predators such as the wolf or call deer in heat. With the players Nordik Predator it will achieve...
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special player for deer rutting

Price €57.84
Made of elastic rubber. It allows to reproduce a sound almost perfect and without noise. Includes a CD with instructions. (in German)
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Spray Beech Tar Oil

Price €13.21
The Beech Tar Oil Spray comes in a 500 ml bottle very easy to apply. When used in spray mode it is much easier to apply on the tree and you will need to use much less. More efficient . The use of olfactory decoys is prohibited for hunting. Armería Alvarez is not responsible for the misuse...

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