Funda Bergara Soft Case BA13 Take Down

Price €42.89
La funda Bergara soft case BA13 Take Down es una bolsa para transportar rifles y carabinas desmontables. Especialmente destinada al transporte del modelo Bergara BA13 Take Down (pudiendo utilizarse en rifles con características similares), es una funda suave y acolchada de diseño...

Rifle Case with Scope

Price €34.70
The rifle case with scope has an adjustable strap to carry it comfortably. Size: 120cm

Blaser Cordura 110 Rifle Cover

Price €74.34
La funda Blaser Cordura 110  dispone de  resistentes cierres de metal y una cómoda correa de transporte con acolchado especial en la zona de los hombros permiten un transporte cómodo y seguro incluso con armas de fuego pesadas.  Características: Fabricada en resistente cordura reforzada...
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Funda para Carabina

Price €24.79
Funda para Carabina con logo de Alvarez, fabricada en tejido resistente y acolchada interiormente para proteger mejor el arma y el visor. Dispone tanto de asa como de correa para facilitar el transporte. Bolsillo exterior para documentación. Funda Extra-larga: 122 cm.
  • -€16.53
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Leather Cover for Semiautomatic Assembled Shotgun or Rifle without Scope

Regular price €165.28
-€16.53 Price €148.75
Manufactured in selected leather with an excellent finish, its semi-stiff structure and fleece- lining will protect your firearm in an appropriate way. It includes a carry sling for an easier transport.
  • -€33.06
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Handcrafted Leather Cover for Rifle with Scope

Regular price €198.34
-€33.06 Price €165.28
Hand crafted soft case where the minimum detail has been thoroughly looked after. Made of leather and fleece lining , embroidered designs, metallic zip, sling and transport handle.
  • -€41.32
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Elite Cover for Rifle with Scope

Regular price €272.72
-€41.32 Price €231.40
The best leather case for your rifle. Thoroughly handcrafted, it will be a worth admiring piece. Semi-stiff structure and fleece lining, elegant design at the chest, reinforced at the scope, transport sling and handle.

Padded Case for Rifle without Scope

Price €15.69
Fabulous foundation with padded interior and reinforcements on the tip. With handle and strap for easy transportation. Incorporates a pocket with zipper for documentation. Length: one hundred and four centimeters.
  • -€7.41
  • Recommended

Rifle case padded with visor

Regular price €39.63
-€7.41 Price €32.22
Made of tough fabric, it is padded inside for greater protection of the weapon and visor. Outer pocket for documentation. It has a handle and strap for easy transportation. Length: one hundred and twenty centimeters.
  • -€24.76
  • Recommended

Double case for two rifles

Regular price €74.34
-€24.76 Price €49.58
Made of tough fabric and padded inside. It'll allow you to carry two rifles at once. Very handy for certain positions or when you're unsure which rifle will best suit your particular position. It has both a handle and a strap for easy transport. It incorporates a zippered pocket. Length: one...
  • -€6.61
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Sock-Shape Firearms Cover

Regular price €14.87
-€6.61 Price €8.26
Suitable for all firearms. Made of a flexible material, very functional at hunting seasons where the use of a rifle case is compulsorywhen moving across country paths. It can be easily rolled up , saving space, to keep it into your pocket or pouch.
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Elastic Strap for Weapon Covers

Price €8.26
Comfortable strap. Its elastic material allows the adjustment to any type of covers.
  • -€4.13
  • Recommended

Super-protective foundation for rifle sight

Regular price €49.58
-€4.13 Price €45.45
Super-protective rifle case with visor. Its unique interior provides exceptional protection for the weapon and its optics. Includes handle and belt for transport. Length: one hundred and twenty centimeters.

Leather Cover with Elastic Strap for Rifle with Riflescope

Price €136.32
Sensational case with which your rifle and visor will be totally protected from any blow thanks to the protective foam inside this case. Lock with zipper, carrying handle and belt rings. Length: one hundred and twenty centimeters. INCLUDES ELASTIC STRAP TO CARRY YOUR WEAPON WITH TOTAL COMFORT
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Case VCI Gunshock Anticorrosin

Price €19.00
VCI Gunshock Anticorrosion Sleeve Sock-like holster impregnated with the exclusive VCI that prevents corrosion by creating an invisible barrier over your weapon, protecting it, even where common products cannot. A small investment that provides unique protection and preservation for your...
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Sealing Case for Shotgun or Parallel Shot Disassembled

Price €49.58
Complete your hunting equipment with this split leather holster for your weapon. Rigid and resistant, it is made of split leather with a shearling lining. It has two fastening buckles, strap rings and carrying handle. Barrel length: 73 cm Stock length: 56 cm

Case with strap: Shotgun Superimposed or Parallel Dismounted

Price €47.07
Completa tu equipo de caza con esta funda de serraje para tu arma. Rígida y resistente, está fabricada en serraje con forro interior de borreguillo. Cuenta con dos hebillas de sujeción, anillas para correa y asa de transporte. Longitud de cañón: 73 cm Longitud de culata: 56 cm Incluye...

Automatic padded cover

From Price €24.79
La funda automatica acolchada tiene las siguientes características: Tejido 100% poliéster. Alta resistencia. Acolchado. Logo bordado. Cinta ajustable. Medidas: 19,5 x 130 cm.

Funda Tucán

Price €12.39
La funda Tucán tiene las siguientes características: Tejido 100% poliéster con recubrimiento de PVC. Fuelle de 3 cm para proteger la mira telescópica. Cierre superior con cordón ajustable. Nylon acolchado. Medidas: 20 + 3 x 90 cm.
  • -€12.40

Backpack + Tucan Case

Regular price €47.93
-€12.40 Price €35.53
The Toucan backpack with cover has the following characteristics: Bag: 100% polyester fabric with PVC coating. Large main apartment of approx. 25 liters Possibility of adjusting cover. Ergonomic shoulder straps. Measurements: height 46 cm. - width 33 cm. Zippered pocket for...

Umarex Red Line Rifle Case

From Price €24.78
La funda para rifle Umarex Red Line es para arma larga . Tiene las asas del centro en lona roja y otra en la puntera en oscuro, para fácil transporte. Dispone de varios bolsillos con cierre por cremallera con detalles en rojo. En la zona central del cierre y la cremallera, es todo de color...

Green rifle holster

Price €41.31
The rifle holster in green, designed to carry the rifle in the safest and most protected way possible. Characteristics: Dimensions: 120 x 25 x 4cm Weight: 440 gr. Waterproof: waterproof fabric Closing flap Padded and lightweight protection. For all rifles and shotguns with strap.

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