Blaser Cordura 110 Rifle Cover

Price 92,99 €
The Blaser Cordura 110 holster has strong metal clasps and a comfortable carry strap with special padding in the shoulder area for comfortable and safe carrying even with heavy firearms. Features: Made of resistant Cordura reinforced with a soft and padded interior, for maximum...
  • -35 €

Logo Magnum Padded Rifle Case

Regular price 89,99 €
-35 € Price 54,99 €
The definitive case to store and transport your rifle + scope!!! The MAGNUM case is fully padded inside, offering maximum protection for the weapon and the scope. Made of maximum resistance fabric. With elegant embroidered Álvaresz logo. It has two outer pockets, in which you can store...

Rifle Case with Scope

Price 39,99 €
The rifle case with scope has an adjustable strap to carry it comfortably. Size: 120cm
  • -20 €

Leather Cover for Semiautomatic Assembled Shotgun or Rifle without Scope

Regular price 169,99 €
-20 € Price 149,99 €
Manufactured in selected leather with an excellent finish, its semi-stiff structure and fleece- lining will protect your firearm in an appropriate way. It includes a carry sling for an easier transport.
  • -20 €

Handcrafted Leather Cover for Rifle with Scope

Regular price 199,99 €
-20 € Price 179,99 €
Hand crafted soft case where the minimum detail has been thoroughly looked after. Made of leather and fleece lining , embroidered designs, metallic zip, sling and transport handle.
  • -40 €

Elite Cover for Rifle with Scope

Regular price 279,99 €
-40 € Price 239,99 €
The best leather case for your rifle. Thoroughly handcrafted, it will be a worth admiring piece. Semi-stiff structure and fleece lining, elegant design at the chest, reinforced at the scope, transport sling and handle.

Padded Case for Rifle without Scope

Price 36,99 €
Fabulous case, with padded lining and wrapped tip. With handle and sling for easy carry. Colour: green.
  • -8,96 €

Padded Case for Rifle with Scope

Regular price 47,95 €
-8,96 € Price 38,99 €
Made of an ultraresistant fabric, with padded lining to best protect your firearm and scope. Outer pocket for documents. Colour: green.
  • -29,96 €

Dual Cover for 2 Rifles

Regular price 89,95 €
-29,96 € Price 59,99 €
Made from resistant fabrics, inside-padded. To transport two rifles at the same time, together with their corresponding mounts and riflescopes. Very functional, for hunting stands, also giving you the possibility to have two rifles at hand.

Case for Carbine

Price 34,99 €
Made of sturdy fabrics, padded in the inside to better protect your firearm and scope. External pocket for documents. Available in two sizes.

Sock-Shape Firearms Cover

Price 17,99 €
Suitable for all firearms. Made of a flexible material, very functional at hunting seasons where the use of a rifle case is compulsorywhen moving across country paths. It can be easily rolled up , saving space, to keep it into your pocket or pouch.
  • -30 €

Leather Case for Rifle with Scope

Regular price 229,99 €
-30 € Price 199,99 €
Sensational case that will completely protect your rifle and the scope thanks to the protective foam that lines this case. Zipper closing, transport handle and swivels for sling.
  • -7 €

Neoprene cover for Rifle or Shotgun

Regular price 49,99 €
-7 € Price 42,99 €
Neoprene covers that protect against scratches, shocks, etc., keeping the fireeam in its right position on your shoulders. Suitable for Over & Under and semiautomatic shotguns, single-shot, express, semiautomatic and bolt action rifles. You can shoot with the cover on.

Elastic Strap for Weapon Covers

Price 9,99 €
Comfortable strap. Its elastic material allows the adjustment to any type of covers.

Case Allterrain

Price 39,99 €
Allterrain cover Sock-like cover that can be folded on itself for storage and hanging. It will hardly take up space in your backpack or vest. It is ultralight and water resistant (waterproof). Protects your weapon and its optics, avoiding scratches, stains, scratches, etc. Allows the use of...

Case VCI Gunshock Anticorrosin

Price 22,99 €
VCI Gunshock Anticorrosion Sleeve Sock-like holster impregnated with the exclusive VCI that prevents corrosion by creating an invisible barrier over your weapon, protecting it, even where common products cannot. A small investment that provides unique protection and preservation for your...

Case Carbine

Price 29,99 €
Carbine with Alvarez logo, made of resistant fabric and padded inside to better protect the weapon and the scope. It has both a handle and a strap to facilitate transport. Outside pocket for documentation. Extra-long cover: 122 cm.
  • -14,96 €

Buffalo River Man rifle case with visor

Regular price 99,95 €
-14,96 € Price 84,99 €
Buffalo River Man rifle holster with scope made of 600D ballistic nylon reinforced with internal metal structure. With high quality zippers and closures. Characteristics: 600D ballistic nylon. Reinforced with internal metal structure. Scope rifle capability. Measures 122 cm - 48...

Automatic padded cover

From Price 29,99 €
The padded automatic cover has the following characteristics: 100% polyester fabric. High resistance Padded. Embroidered logo. Adjustable strap. Measurements: 19.5 x 130 cm.

Funda Tucán

Price 14,99 €
La funda Tucán tiene las siguientes características: Tejido 100% poliéster con recubrimiento de PVC. Fuelle de 3 cm para proteger la mira telescópica. Cierre superior con cordón ajustable. Nylon acolchado. Medidas: 20 + 3 x 90 cm.