Flashlights and Spotlights

Kit Caza Linterna Olight Javelot Pro 2_ 2500 lumens

Price €277.64
The HUNT KIT with the OLIGHT JAVELOT PRO 2 flashlight of 2500 lumens guarantees you the best lighting: maximum quality at the best price. I'M SORRY TO SEE YOU WITH CLARITY LARGO ALCANCE: up to 2500 lumens of power, with an extremely long range: 1,050 meters!!! These 2500 lumens...
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Headlamp Klarus HM2

Regular price €33.05
-€16.56 Price €16.49
The KLARUS HM2 it's a step up in headlights. AUTÉNTICA MANS LIBRES : you can control it without even touching it!! The best lighting, with complete freedom of movement and maximum comfort INCREY POTENCE: 270 lumens , it guarantees you perfect lighting for all kinds of...
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Other Speras TH12K with 3 LEDs White Red Green

Regular price €205.79
-€73.56 Price €132.22
The Other Speras TH12K with 3 LEDs White Red Green   contains the flashlight Speras TH12, a high-powered fighter flashlight attached to the weapon, with adjustable focus and brightness, together with a 600 lm white light and a beam of 1211 m, a green light 600 lm and beam 1680 m, and a red...
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Other Speras T1KV2 Maximum Scope

Regular price €222.31
-€89.26 Price €133.05
The Other Speras T1KV2 Maximum reach contains the flashlight Speras  T1 V2/T217, one of the most powerful lanterns for long range, attachable to the weapon, with color filters that provide a beam of red or green light, perfect for hunting, outdoor activities or rescue. Characteristics...
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Lamp Speras P4 4000 lm

Regular price €123.14
-€56.21 Price €66.93
The Lamp Speras P4 4000 lm it has 3 LEDs, 4000 lm power for outdoor activities and rescue, a range of up to 167 hours in ECO mode, charging in 3 hours, works as a power bank, and is waterproof. Characteristics Lamp Speras P4: Flashlight with 3 LEDs, side switch, and rechargeable,...
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Linterna Speras P10R V2 Super Potente 10000 lm

Regular price €230.58
-€98.36 Price €132.22
La Linterna Speras P10R V2 Super Potente 10000 lm es de alta potencia, con 3 LED, dos botones de fácil uso, autonomía de hasta 36 h con potencia de 100 lm, y función de bloqueo, perfecta para uso al aire libre. Características: Linterna Speras P10R V2: Linterna LED de alta potencia,...
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Headlamp Speras B47L-1

Regular price €24.79
-€10.74 Price €14.04
The Headlamp Speras B47L-1 has a power of 500 lm, white light in concentrated or open beam, and red light in open beam which can be used as emergency light. Characteristics Power: 500 lm . White light: Open or concentrate, with power adjustable to 100% or 50%. Red light: H it...
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Spotlight to Flare

Price €107.43
A sensational product! Very powerful halogen bulb with over 100 watts and a range of 2 km. It is placed by means of a fan on the top of the car and by means of the remote control you can turn it horizontally up to 340 degrees and vertically up to 50 degrees, so that you can see in virtually all...
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Foco para Farear de Alta Poder_1,500 lumens

Regular price €57.81
-€8.23 Price €49.58
High-powered flashlight, 1,500 lumens! This special spotlight has an incredible power of 1,500 lumens and is compact and easy to use. It works connected directly to the car's charger, so it's always ready to use (not rechargeable). Compact design, allowing you to store it anywhere. It...
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Headlight Force_350 lumens

Price €33.05
The headlamp Force has the following characteristics: Perfect lighting with totally free hands. Compact design for maximum comfort of use. The light emitted by the Cree® XT-ES3 ultra-bright LED. With a single button you can turn off/on the flashlight. 5 modes available: Allot:...
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Other Klarus Rechargeable _1.600 lumens

Regular price €107.43
-€9.09 Price €98.34
The Hunting lantern kit Klarus includes the XT12 GT PRO flashlight with a maximum beam of 1600 lumens , with the user-friendly interface: one-touch Strobe, one-touch turbo and One-Touch Low, to cover needs during hunting, hiking, camping or search and rescue. Compact and lightweight in...
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Headlamp Cyclops RS_4000 Lumens

Price €107.43
The headlamp Cyclops RS of 4000 lumens it's very powerful, it's very versatile and it's very useful, both for hunting days and for being your point of light, in any situation. Its 50-watt Super Bright 3 CREE XHP50.2 LED lamp provides high brightness, with precise focus, by the shape of the...

Hunting kit Olight It's called the Warrior X Turbo LED

Price €188.42
The hunting kit Olight It's called the Warrior X Turbo LED it has a high-performance LED that provides homogeneous light without glare. It is considered one of the more effective hunting lanterns, with special construction to withstand any kind of hostile or corrosive environment. It has...