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Other, of circular cross-section Kahles Helia S 10x42

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The Other, of circular cross-section Kahles Helia S 10x42 provide high-quality images in different lighting conditions, are designed for hunting and other outdoor activities, have a belt for transport, are comfortable to use, waterproof, anti-fog and resistant. Characteristics Power x...
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Laser rangefinder Bushnell Prime

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The laser rangefinder Bushnell Prime allows a viewing experience up to 2 times brighter, providing improved light transmission for a brighter and clearer image. It has a high-quality and very compact design, with the latest digital technology, which provides accurate distance readings and...

Zeiss Victory SFL Binoculars

Zeiss Victory SFL binoculars are designed to be as light and compact as possible , but with the new Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) concept it ensures realistic color reproduction and maximum detail. Characteristic: Light weight and compact size : Has a compact design thanks to...

Pulsar Merger LRF XP50 Thermal Binocular

Price €3,938.01
Binocular Térmico Pulsar Merger LRF XP50 Los prismáticos  Pulsar Merger LRF XP50  han sido fabricados con un diseño clásico y un tamaño compacto , propio de los prismáticos diurnos. Ofrecen una estética muy atractiva y una ergonomía sin igual. Cuenta con un total de seis...
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Blaser Huntec Harness for Binoculars

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The Blaser harness with Huntec case for binoculars is the perfect companion for any hunting situation, since you can always have the binoculars at hand, to use them quickly and comfortably in the field. when you need them. Features: Even the heaviest binoculars are easy to...

Pulsar Merger LRF XL50 Thermal Binocular

Price €5,578.50
Technical sheet Major Sensor: 640x480 @ 17 µm (NETD <25 mK) Objective lens: F50/1.0 Magnification, x: 2.5 ? 20 (x8 zoom) Field of View (HxV), degrees/m @ 100m: 12.4x9.3 / 21.8x16.3 Detection range, m: 1800 Sensor Type: uncooled Resolution, pixels:...
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Arns for Zeiss binoculars

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The Zeiss Binocular Harness provides maximum freedom of movement in complete safety for your binoculars.
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All optical quality of Zeiss at a really incredible price. It is ergonomic: with a large, smooth and easy-to-grip focus wheel, providing easy and fast focus. Compacts: Lightweight: only 695 g Other: with reinforced glass fibre and weatherproof housing. Glass Schott ED with multilayer...
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Universal Case for Binoculars

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The universal case will protect your binoculars from dust and mud, it also includes 2 built-in lens cloths, which makes it easy to clean them. The retention band keeps the sleeve on top allowing the user to quickly put it on when needed.
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Swarowski NL Pure Binoculars

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The Swarowski NL Pure binoculars have a new, much more ergonomic design , with which you will have a great feeling of lightness and comfort in your hands, to concentrate on hunting, waiting or observing nature, even at night. These binoculars have an edge-to-edge field of view with solid...

Neoprene harness for binoculars

Price €30.57
The most comfortable, practical and safe way to transport your binoculars. This harness correctly distributes the weight of your binoculars, releasing pressure on the shoulders; Much more comfortable than carrying them in a case !! With this harness you can have the binoculars always at hand,...

Other, of circular cross-section Zeiss Conquest HD

Other, of circular cross-section Zeiss Conquest HD they're a revolution in design, ergonomics and optics. It allows for natural and clear color reproduction and a wide field of view. It offers detailed images of nature at long distances and allows for prolonged observations well into...