Artificial fish

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Shimano Batman Pavlo Shad SPMR Artificial Fish

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The Shimano Batman Pavlo Shad SPMR artificial fish has a slim shape, with a special system called Jerk Assist Balancer System characterized by being the most special on the current market. It offers a high level of stability when starting quickly, being a peculiarity in this artificial...
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Shimano Batman Rattlin Sur-Vibe Artificial Fish

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The Shimano Batman Rattlin Sur-Vibe artificial fish has a very intense, precise and effective action. It is highly recommended for the practice of fishing with the push technique . It produces the vibration of the bait when it is withdrawn and when released, it begins to fall while in turn...
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Shimano Batman Triple Impact Artificial Fish

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The Shimano Batman Triple Impact artificial fish has an excellent design and optimal color gradient, being a type of hybrid bait between a minnow and a propbait. It dives below the surface of the water, where its metal propeller hits the surface with every turn, generating sound, bubbles...
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Art. Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Needlefish Pulse Tail 30 cm.

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It is a perfect imitation of a needle thanks to the fact that it is created from a 3D scan of a real needle. Equipped with a unique Pulse Tail which gives it a very soft vibration and a real tail sway, just like a live needle does. The metal head has a Line Thru channel so at the moment of the...
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Artificial fish Salmo Minnow Sinking

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The artificial fish Salmo Minnow Sinking with two sizes to choose from being five and seven centimeters, with colors that have been designed to realistically mimic a fish. Characteristics: Frame made from one piece of wire Manufacture from materials of any heading Individually tested...
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Vinilo Xipi JLC 150 gr

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The vinyl Xipi JLC it offers realism, navigation and underwater glow, in addition to its characteristic and unique movements, changing color underwater. It can be used for both jigging, light jigging, spinning, or even curricane. Specifications Body size: 212 mm Lead weight: 150 g
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Rapala Original Drowning Countdown It will attract the suspended fish Perfect for fishing at any depth, it has a slow, controlled dive. Its greater weight makes it ideal for launching in complicated and/or windy locations. You'll be able to catch the suspended fish, wherever they are....
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Rapala This is X-Rap Magnum. Incredible and realistic patterns. Rapala with which you can fish with total guarantee at a depth of 10 meters and a speed of 13 knots. Thanks to its aggressive and extreme action, this decoy will produce incredible bites. Characteristics Ideal for casting,...
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Rapala Rippin rap. Vibrant action New Rapala thin body, lipless profile and textured body. A perfect imitation that features a strong vibratory action, which along with the sound emitted by the BB bell, will appeal to all fish. Anchovies of VMC it's made of black nickel. Swimming depth:...
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Rapala Max Rap

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The artificial fish Rapala MaxRap is characterised by its excellent quality, designed for long runs as it has a very aerodynamic body with an internal mechanism that allows you to reach great distances in the pitch .  Characteristics Its internal mechanism has been offset by for use...
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Rapala BX Minnow Float

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Rapala Floating BX Minnow. An updated classic The new Rapala The Xtreme Minnow raft has a perfectly balanced raft wood core and a perfect metallic, translucent finish. With very precise weights that allow you to get extremely vivid action. Swimming depth: 5 feet . Size: 2 triple hooks...
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Williamson Speed Pro Deep Lures

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Self-centering line-tie design Oval split rings, heavy-duty VMC hooks and laser-cut plate hook hangers. Auto-tune free-moving line-tie design is self-centering, automatically aligning the lure for consistent action at fast trolling speeds.
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Rapala X-Rap Salt

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Los Rapala X-Rap Saltwater cuentan con un acabado translucido y un mecanismo interno especial para lances largos. Ojos 3D holográficos y acción Slashbait agresiva. Características: Acción X-Rap Slashbait Cuerpo translúcido Mecanismo interno para lances largos Ojos 3D holográficos...
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Rapala X-Rap Long Cast

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Rapala X-Rap Long Cast artificial fish have a high resistance. Designed for launches at extreme distances. Equipped with VMC® In-Line single hooks. Perfectly balanced, it flutters on the fall. lipless design Performance Weighted Casting X-treme Darting Bait Action Hover over the drop...
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Rapala CountDown Magnum

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La Rapala CountDown Magnum está fabricada en madera Abashi. Tiene una construcción muy resistente y lleva un babero para profundizar. Además incorpora un sistema anti-enganches y componentes anti-corrosivos. Puedes escoger entre una gran gama de colores naturales y estimulantes. Todos...
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Rapala Jointed Shad Rap-X

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The Rapala X-Rap Jointed Shad artificial fish has an articulated body and top-quality internal finishes. In addition, its design features 3D holographic eyes and offers a neutral buoyancy. All have been tested and tested one by one in a water tank. Standard measurement: 13 cm.
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Lure Williamson Live Ballyhoo Combo

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El señuelo Williamson Live BallyHood Combo es un montaje clásico que viene montado de origen y aportará mucha vida a tu cadena de señuelos. La cabeza del sailfish catcher añade un gran atractivo al Ballyhoo de Williamson, una combinación irresistible para dorada, atún, etc. Premontado con...

Lure Salmo Wave

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The salmo Wave is a new decoy concept in both action and design. Specialized in spinning bass fishing, it allows very long casts and different actions depending on the speed and type of collection. Its stable swimming capacity stands out at any depth, even on the surface. Also valid for...
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Señuelo 6th Sense Crush Dogma

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Señuelo de superficie 6th Sense Crush Dogma tiene la cola cónica que le da un mayor bamboleo al menor golpe de muñeca, además tiene un sistema de transferencia de pesos. Aparte del tradicional movimiento walking the dog su diseño cóncavo en la parte inferior de la cabeza, produce un chapoteo...
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Jerkbait 6th Sense Provoke 106X

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El Jerkbait 6TH Sense Provoke 106X señuelo suspendido de 6th Sense tiene todos los elementos necesarios para ser imprescindible en tu caja de pesca. Los resultados en capturas y ventas en todo el mundo lo demuestran, sus 106 mm , cola cónica, sistema de transferencia de pesos, ojos 3D,triples...
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Vinyl Akada Sandra Evo

The unit costs 3,46 €
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The Akada Sandra Evo vinyl is perfect for fishing for predators such as walleye, pike, catfish ... It has great effectiveness thanks to its realistic tail mobility. The size of 13cm serves in packs of 10 units The size of 15cm serves in packs of 10 units The 23cm size is served in...
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Lure Salmo Jack

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The Jack Salmo has been recognized as one of the most effective lures for a large pike. features Size: 18 cm Weight: 70 g Action: Sinking (S) Individually adjusted by hand and tested in tanks. VMC hooks Premium Black Nickel. Recommended mono / braided line: 0.35 / 0.23...
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Cranbait 6th Sense Cloud 9 C15

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La serie Cranbait 6th Sense Cloud 9 C15 trabaja en profundidad. Su apariencia con colores muy reales, los hacen irresistibles para los peces. Especificaciones: Longitud: 76 mm. Peso: 28,35 g. Profundidad: 3,96 a 5,18 m. Tamaño de gancho:  Nº1 tanto por delante como por atras.