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Poisson Pro Elite Baits Extract 500 ml

Regular price €11.99
-€3.60 Price €8.39
Poisson Pro Elite Baits 500 ml extract is a liquid made with high quality ingredients, served in a concentrated form in a 500 ml container. It is a quality product, specially designed for carp fishing . It allows the manufacture of baits, seasoning mixtures, among others. Five different...
  • -€1.16

Cabbages Berkley Special power bait Cyprinids

From Regular price €7.43
-€1.16 Price €6.27
Cabbages Berkley Power Bait Special cyprinides, special cyprinides Special baits for cyprinids even more effective than natural ones. Use them with identical mountings as you would with natural baits and see what results. Very durable, they remain unchanged for more than 2 years. Content: 66...
  • -€4.00

Fluminow Poisson Explosive Pro Elite Baits 200 ml

Regular price €13.99
-€4.00 Price €9.99
The fluminow Poisson Explosive Pro Elite Baits 200 ml is specially designed for carp fishing, specifically for fast fishing. Ideally, place it inside a PVA bag or add a few drops to the method feeder. The way this product works is instantaneous, immediately attracting the carp , just...
  • -€2.15


Regular price €10.74
-€2.15 Price €8.59
It will attract your most sought-after prey! Bugs on the surface attract fish, and of course this lure is not the exception. It is worth mentioning Bumble Bug4s ultralight and wide movement action. It can be used as a surface lure or as a crankbait. Length: 3.7 cm. Weight: 3 g. 4
  • -€1.90


Regular price €8.50
-€1.90 Price €6.60
Mimics a real fish. When bringing in the line, the flexible material employed to produce Makal combined with its unique shape generates a spontaneous life-like swimming action. Segmented swimbait body. Contains a hook cavity. ***Bag of 5 pcs (size - 95 mm) or *** ***Bag of 4 pcs...
  • -€2.15


Regular price €8.26
-€2.15 Price €6.11
The favorite. This vinyl knows how to walk, move, glide and use the required action. The Shadow is a big favorite of freshwater species, and it has proved to be equally effective in salt water. ***Bags of 10 pcs.***
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The unit costs 0,48 €
From Regular price €13.21
-€7.44 Price €5.78
Be surprised by its effectiveness. This slug V shaped adapts to any kind of assemblies, horizontall or vertical. In movement, its body vibrates in an appealing way imitating a real fish. Its effectivenes and its easy use is surprising. It is injected with scents and it has a glass rattle....
  • -€4.13


Regular price €14.87
-€4.13 Price €10.74
Really effective. The perfect complement for baits, oils, boilies and attractants really effective for carp fishing. These pop ups are made mixing the same ingredients that are used to make boilies and adding attractant liquid to boost the scent and he diffusion capacity. Weight: 100 g.
  • -€4.37

Baits Barracuda Arencola (5 pcs.)

The unit costs 1,60 €
Regular price €12.39
-€4.37 Price €8.02
Baits Barracuda Arenícola Its effectiveness will surprise you So realistic that freshwater and saltwater fish will pounce on them! Sales unit: 5 equal units.
  • -€2.48

Power Bait Berkley Gulp! Black Arenicola (6 units)

The unit costs 0,96 €
Regular price €8.26
-€2.48 Price €5.78
Always ready to fish! A full range of effective sea baits such as live baits. Gulp! It is a practical and durable bait, built 100% with natural ingredients. They are presented in a blister pack that can be opened and closed without damaging the properties of the baits for a long period of...
  • -€5.79

Señuelo Savage Gear 3D Rad

From Regular price €24.79
-€5.79 Price €19.00
El maravilloso señuelo Savage Gear 3D Rad es una imitación perfecta de una rata. Cuenta con unas terminaciones en 3D que ayudan a engañar una gran cantidad de depredadores. Tiene dos tipos de acciones en el mismo señuelo. Además si se engancha de la parte superior nadará en la superficie, y...

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