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Other Cressi Corsica A width of not more than 50 mm, calibrated for fishing submarine, apnea and also to place the tube in the pocket from the vest. Minimum thickness nozzle exceptionally comfortable. Multipurpose left-right.

Swimming socks Zoggs Other

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Swimming socks Zoggs Other Latex socks are perfect for protection at all times. They offer a high-quality tight design. The dimpled sole provides a practical grip that prevents slippage on the wet surface. Characteristics Comfortable fit of soft latex Quality adjusted design...

Pool glasses Zoggs Ripper Junior

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Swimming glasses Zoggs Ripper Junior they come in two colors to choose from, perfect for little ones to practice swimming. It is specially designed for children between the ages of six and fourteen. It has UV protection and anti-fog, thus preventing them from fogging and protecting the...
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Jacket Mares Rock

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The jacket Mares Rock it's super tough and guarantees a perfect fit. It has a padded back, which provides the user with great comfort, and the anatomical pocket cut minimizes water resistance during movements. Characteristics Made of very strong Cordura 420 nylon, with Tyrpol...

Mask Cressi ZS1

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The mask Cressi ZS1 , is the ideal for diving , underwater fishing and snorkelling . What. It has a design of the screen, which it allows a huge panorama in all respects, keeping the proportions in check. Technical specifications: Internal volume is: 115cm3. Facial...

Other Mares Element Floating

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The Other Mares Floating element ensures uninterrupted use in the airflow, allowing you to use it as long as you need it and making breathing easier. Characteristics Soft tube for greater flexibility during use. I it is not recommended to use this product for long-term use. With...
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Mask Scubapro Synergy Mini

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The Mask Scubapro Synergy Mini is suitable for smaller faces, fully adapts and prevents water from entering. Characteristics Design : Small, with a smaller frame and skirt, perfect for smaller faces. Faldon Trufit: It's very comfortable, it guarantees total tightness. The silicone...
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Controller Scubapro MK11/ S270 with R095 Octo INT

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The Controller Scubapro MK11/ S270 with R095 Octo INT has protected internal components, multiple outlets and provides a constant and effortless air supply. First stage MK11:   Containing by weight: It protects the internal parts from water and pollutants, as well as increasing their...
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Jacket Cressi Start Pro 2.0

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The jacket Cressi Start Pro 2.0 it has a wealth of features traditionally reserved for high-end Jackets, at a very affordable price. Technical specifications: 500 deniers: Cordura provides a increased resistance to erosion this is because of the long-term friction and...
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Dive mask Aqualung Micromask X

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The diving mask Aqualung Micromask X it has a it's a design that puts the lenses in your eye socket significantly improved peripheral vision and an incredibly low internal volume . What. In addition, thanks to the patented technology Micromask reduces the volume of the frame, for a low...
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Pack Regulator Apeks XL4 Ocea + Octopus XL4 Ocea

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The Pack Regulator Apeks XL4 Ocea + Octopus XL4 Ocea , in addition to being of high performance and high quality construction ,  is to be the first regulator 100% sustainable of the market .  The partnership with PlasticBank establishes it as the world's first ocean plastic negative...
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Jacket Aqualung Pro HD Compact

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The Jacket Aqualung The Pro HD Compact it 's an ultralight BCD , with integrated weight and inflated backwards which is all you need without extra weight or volume. Weighing less than 2,2 kg airways and ballast bags included and can be packed flat or rolled. The perfect BCD...
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Controller Apeks XL4 Ocea

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The Controller Apeks XL4 Ocea it's a 100% sustainable regulator that is characterized by its quality construction and its high performance under the brand prestige Apeks . What. In relation to their sustainability, all manufacturing details have been thought out and adjusted to ensure...
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Other Beuchat Spy

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The Other Beuchat Spy it's perfect to pair with masks   Maxlux, Maxlux S and Micromax in colour, tapered, with silicone nozzle, and very simple and effective. Characteristics Supplementary  Para maxlux, Maxlux S and Micromax masks in colour. The tube: Folded, with silicone...
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Other Cressi Corsican Colorama

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Other Cressi Corsican Colorama Dive tube the mark Cressi what is it specially designed for underwater fishing and can be used for diving or snorkeling. It is made of fully flexible polyurethane and a 100% elastic memory after being subjected to bending, folding or even knotting on...

For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:

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Cover it for the pool It's called Zoogs Aqua Plugz Junior they're orange and come in a clear case. It offers the greatest comfort for enjoy swimming and has hypoallergenic properties to maximize confidence when swimming in the pool. They present a ergonomic form , which fits perfectly...
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Rifle Cressi Apache

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The Rifle Cressi Apache it's a prestigious brand rifle Cressi which stands out for its high stability and compensation due to weight distribution . What. It's a simplified version of the Navajo model, a competition rifle adapted for mass sale . What. The c the open, robust and...
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Other footwear Scubapro Hybride 2.5 mm

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The slippers Scubapro Hybride Rebel they are made of 2.5 mm soft neoprene and incorporate a it's usually non-slip textured and very light. Characteristics Your textured sole provides a non-slip surface to walk on the wet deck of ships. With outer surface of 100% high elasticity...
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Pack Regulators Apeks XL4+ Stage 3

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The Pack Regulators Apeks XL4+ Stage 3 consists of a first stage and a second stage, is designed for diving   it's extreme in cold water, it reduces the risk of freezing, and it's very light. Characteristics Controller XL4+: Designed for extreme cold water diving. Weight of pack:...

Other Omer Zoom Camo

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The Other Omer Zoom Camo snorkel has a new camo design in different colors, an anti-allergy silicone mouthpiece, and it's ergonomic for comfort. Characteristics The tube: You know, snorkeling. Design: New camo design in different colors. It is ergonomic:  Para more...
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Apnea mask Aqualung For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:

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Apnea mask Aqualung For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply: The Apnea mask Aqualung For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply: it features an innovative design that places the lenses in the eye's orbit significantly...

Swimming pool glasses Aquasphere Kayenne Junior

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Swimming pool glasses Aquasphere Kayenne Junior Aquasphere Kayenne Junior swimming glasses are perfect for young swimmers aged 6 to 15 . What. With a oversized lens design and silicone skirt , these glasses offer a comfortable and safe fit without water leakage. The ultra-soft Softeril...

Aquasphere Seal Kid 2

Price €16.52
Aquasphere Seal Kid 2 Aquasphere Seal Kid 2 Swimming Glasses offer a leak-free adjustment from the age of 3 , making them an excellent choice for small swimmers. The Seal Kid 2 uses the aquasphere's curved lens technology to provide a wide field of view, which is especially useful for...
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Floats Seac Sub U-1000

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Floats Seac Sub U-1000 The Floats Seac Sub U-1000 they're a designed product for divers seeking high performance and durability . What. The special thermoplastic polymer construction provides a resistant structure withstands shock, abrasion and temperature changes . What. In addition,...