Boat maintenance

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Extensible Handle Multiuses Shurhold

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Mango is compatible with Shurhold accessories. With a Shur-Lok system that guarantees a blockage to the desired extent. Length: 1,0m to 1,8m
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Water tank, fuel or wastewater for ship Devil without lid

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Complete your boat with this versatile tank that you can use for both water and fuel or wastewater by combining it with the appropriate lid (not included). Diameter of the cap hole: 24,5 cm. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, it is available in several capacities: 37 litres...
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Fresh water tank with 12.5 l / min 12 V pump

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Always have drinking water on board with the tank Other of New Rade . What. Complete your boating equipment with top quality products at the best price at Deportes Álvarez and enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest. Easy installation horizontally Very light and manageable Available in...

Inflatable Boat Cleaner

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Cleans and protects Suitable for all inflatable boats materials: rubber, PVC and hypalon. It will remove dirt, mud, shoe stains, waterlines and even oil stains. Very easy to use: just spray the product and leave it on the surface for a few minutes, or directly rinse the surface with water....

Fiberglass Cleaning Power

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Top efficiency With a penetrating action, it eliminates light rust, tar remains, mud, dirt on anti-skid surfaces, etc.. Contents: 400 g.

Fiberglass Polish

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Stunning results Achieves excellent results, bringing back lustre to the boat4s surface. Especially suited for fiberglass, aluminium, chrome and painted surfaces. It restores surfaces, keeping colour and looks unaltered. Stainless and non-bleaching spray.It also gives a protective cover...

Hull Cleaner

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Maximum efficiency It quickly eliminates light rust, seaweeds and grease from your boat4s hull. It will also remove waterline deep-seated stains. Contents: 1 liter.

Centauro Spray

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Essential in your boat Famous and valued anti-corrosion spray and lubricant, highly penetrating, rust and salt remover. A 4must-have4 multi-purpose spray. Contents: 650 ml.


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Top glares Outstanding cleaning features, polishing and top protection for soft polished metals, brass copper, aluminium and stainless steel. Contents: 270 ml.

Mildew Stain Remover

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Good-bye to mildew stains This cleaner removes instantly humidity stains. Easy to use thanks to its dispenser. Useful to clean cushions, vinyl seats etc. Excellent results in few minutes. It doesn't hurt neither fabrics nor seams. Content: 650 ml.

Cleaner algae and barnacles

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Eliminates remains of snails, algae, marine incrustations, waterline and rust marks. Biodegradable. Content : 1 liter.
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Telescopic mango 91 to 182 cm

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Telescopic mango 91 to 182 cm Premium accessories, designed to take care of your boat without damaging it.
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Retractable Sensor Hook G2

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The retractable sensor hook G2 has the following characteristics: Rubber-coated Sur-Grip hook and loop with easy access to double release lever. Very easy operation with one hand. It adapts to any position. Length: 35.6cm - 109.2cm. Type: Transom. Resistance: 2,270kg / Par.

Microfiber Mop Absorber

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The Manufacture from materials of any heading it absorbs up to four times more than a chamomile. Suitable for use with detergents and resistant to chemicals, prevents mold and does not scratch or leave fluff. High wear resistance. It can be washed in the washing machine. The color is...
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Adhesive sealant 3m fast drying 4200

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The For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions apply: is an adhesive of General purpose polyurethane suitable for joining plastics, metals, wood and fibreglass in a fully flexible way. It reacts chemically to moisture and can be painted and sanded....

Antioxidant Forespar Marelon

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Antioxidant Forespar Marelon A natural product that prevents oxidation and electrolysis. It is the perfect solution to stop corrosion. Resistant to fresh and salt water, it generates a durable and light protective barrier. Dimensions : 120ml

Restorer/Wax for Fiberglass 3M

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Restorer/Wax for Fiberglass 3M Designed to eliminate strong oxidation, lime, discoloration, and minor scratches in addition to protecting fiberglass, gelcoat and marine paint. Its unique formula combines a friction compound with a special mixture of waxes that repairs the shine and...
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Repair tape Life safe

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Repair tape Life safe Excellent tear resistance in any direction. Very aggressive adhesive that works on any kind of canvas and works on wet deck. Light and flexible tape. Dimensions : 76mm x 4.6m
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Cleaning product Detailer Last Touch

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The Cleaning product Detailer Last Touch it's perfect for a final touch. It removes dust, stains, footprints, abrasive paste, enamel residue or contaminants that are difficult to remove with other products. In addition, it is completely safe for paint, plastic, chrome and vinyl....

Shurhold Flexible Goma Spatula

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The Shurhold flexible rubber spatula , manufactured a width of not more than 50 mm, and removes water droplets without the need for gauze or towels .  E s totally for working curved surfaces. It allows drying any surface in 1/3 of the time it would normally take....