Ski gloves

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Ski gloves Reusch Sarina Gore-Tex Lady

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If you're an active woman with a passion for skiing, the technical gauntlet Reusch It 's Sarina Gore-Tex it's designed to protect your hands in the snow and the mountains. With a level of isolation Thermo 3 and membrane of GoreTex it always keeps your hands dry and comfortable....
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Ski gloves Level Junior

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The ski gloves Level Junior they will protect the little ones' hands in all weather conditions. Its breathable and very warm fabric, with insulation Fiberfill and Hydrofill , makes them perfect to wear on ski days. In addition, they are made of a very durable material that guarantees...
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Ski gloves Level Patrol

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The ski gloves Level Patrol they are ideal for snow enthusiasts, as they are very warm , waterproof and breathable . What. In addition, its adjustment system ensures maximum performance with maximum comfort. Characteristics Highly abrasion resistant reinforced palm. With a nose cleaner....
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Multi-purpose gloves Reusch I'm going to have to go

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The ski gloves Reusch Polish me are for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles . What. In addition, they are   wind and water resistant and very breathable. Characteristics Compatible with touchscreen, it can manipulate digital displays without removing gloves. Palm...
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Multi-purpose gloves Reusch Diver X R-TEX XT Unisex

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The ski gloves Reusch Diver X are 100% waterproof . What. Besides, thanks to its fabric Two-way softshell, gives you complete mobility of the hand. Characteristics With adjustable Velcro on the wrist. Composition: 91% polyester, 6% polyurethane and 3% elastane. The...
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Inner glove Reusch Unisex merino

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With the inner glove Reusch Merino you'll feel even warmer and more comfortable. Your manufacture from 100% Merino wool it regulates body temperature, absorbs sweat and carries it outside, removes odors, and it's just incredibly convenient. Characteristics Comfortable and soft...
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Ski gloves Level Junior

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The ski gloves Level Junior have become popular among younger skiers, mainly due to their fun design and comfort, and being a model of superior quality, resistance and durability. Characteristics Natural fit, durable and waterproof material. Design with long fist to increase...
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Ski gloves Reusch Arise R-TEX XT

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The ski glove Reusch Arise R-TEX XT it's designed for skiers looking for quality and performance. If your passion is skiing, mountaineering and snowshoeing Reusch Arise R-TEX XT these are the gloves you're looking for, they meet the expectations of the most demanding skiers. The combination...
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Ski gloves Reusch Bennet T-TEX XT Junior

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The junior ski glove Reusch Bennet T-TEX XT it is designed for young skiers who enjoy the mountain without worrying about the cold thanks to Reusch Characteristics It has a waterproof membrane R-TEX® XT a high-performance membrane developed by Reusch, which guarantees a special...
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Ski glove Reusch Bennet R-TEX Junior

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The ski gloves Reusch Bennet R-TEX® Junior it has a striking color to stand out in the snow, highly waterproof and adaptable in the fist. Characteristics With MicroActive coating: it regulates temperature, and is antistatic, plus the micropores allow moisture to exit quickly....
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Ski gloves Reusch Bennet R-TEX® Mitten Junior

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The ski gloves Reusch Bennet R-TEX® Mitten Junior are waterproof and adjustable by cord. The following technologies: The high-performance R-TEX® XT membrane guarantees complete weather resistance against wind and moisture. In addition, the R-TEX® XT membrane is very light, comfortable...
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Trekking stick Joluvi It 's Egon Klamp Par

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The Trekking stick Joluvi It 's Egon Klamp Par has a maximum length of 135 cm, a weight of 260 g, is made of duralumin other, of circular cross-section , has an extended cork fist with foam pro with two densities, quick locking, rosette for trekking and for snow, and tip guard....
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Stick +8000 BT1 competition

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The Stick +8000 BT1 competition it's for activities like trekking or hiking, fast locking, stretchable, for all types of terrain, adjustable, with very strong tip, ergonomic fist, and the pack contains 2 sticks. Characteristics Stick +8000 BT148003 23V: Para trekking or hiking....
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This is Izas Val Par

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The This is Izas Val Par is a telescopic rod of adjustable length, with ergonomic handle, adjustable drawbar, strong and lightweight, and includes 2 rubber tacks, 2 rosettes for summer, and 2 S-shaped buckles. Characteristics Telescopic: 3 segments, with   with double flicklock,...