Paddle rackets

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Padel shovel Adidas It 's called Adipower 3.0

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The shovel Adidas It 's called Adipower 3.0 it's a shovel designed to maximize your abilities without giving up control. Master every situation in the game with Alex Ruiz's paddle, with Power Embossed Ridge technology along with EVA High Memory rubber and the Spin Blade you'll have everything...
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Padel shovel Dunlop Aero-Star team

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The shovel Dunlop The Aero-Star   Team it's designed to elevate your team's performance potential and allow optimal mobility in every move you make. You'll get more and better effects thanks to its 3D embossed texture on both sides of the shovel Extra Grip . Specifications Made 100%...
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Padel shovel Dunlop The Aero Star 3

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The shovel Dunlop The Aero Star 3 ,with its diamond shape offers a wider sweet spot and a medium balance, guarantees maximum power in all attacks. It stands out for its much lighter weight than the Pro version and its excellent handling. Specifications Level: It's advanced. Form:...
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Padel shovel Globo Line Junior

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The paddle shovel Globo Line Junior it's a round-shaped shovel, designed with children in mind and the youngest who want to get started in padel. Characteristics Shape: round. Weight: 330 g. He is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 people. Surface: rough. The face is...
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Padel shovel Dunlop G1

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The Padel shovel Dunlop G1 it's one of the brand's most advanced models allowing the most powerful blows without loss of control. Designed for advanced players its oversize shape increases the sweet spot. Made from 12K carbon, it offers a unique strength and feel. It has a Pro Touch core,...