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It 's a cane

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It 's a cane The It 's a cane it's a masterpiece of Japanese cane-making technology. Its timeless design combines with the latest technology to offer an unparalleled fishing experience. This cane introduces the world's first innovative 4-point rod action design, allowing you to have a...
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Cane Xzoga Takadum

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Cane Xzoga Takadum The cane Xzoga Takadum is is an exceptional fishing rod design incorporating the latest Japanese manufacturing technology. This cane is unique in its class because it has an innovative 4-point reed action design offering an unparalleled fishing experience . What....
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Rod Xzoga Takadum PI

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Caña Xzoga Takadum PI The Xzoga Takadum PI Rod combines the techniques of Popping and Cast Jigging in a single rod. This rod offers an unparalleled fishing experience thanks to its incredible torque and lifting power, allowing you to cast a popper further, with greater precision and...
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Rod Xzoga Guruton

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Xzoga Guruton Cane If you are an angler looking for the best tool for super light jigging, the Xzoga Guru Tron SLJ rod is the ideal choice. Designed to be light, powerful and extremely responsive , this rod is a must for getting the lure to move naturally and gaining clear bite...
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Cane XZoga Japanese Style

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Cane XZoga Japanese Style The sugar cane jigging JAP-Style is it is an essential tool for any fisherman who is passionate about the fishing technique jigging slow moving . What. With a blank SSX and an exclusive custom carbon X wrap finish , this cane is the perfect choice for those who...
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Rod Xzoga Revo

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Xzoga Revo Rod The Xzoga Revo rod is the perfect choice for anglers looking for high-quality gear for slow-paced jigging . With its thick wall blank containing 99% graphite and a custom X carbon wire wrap finish , the Xzoga Revo rod has made a lasting impression on the market....
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Reel Xzoga team New TXZ

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Reel Xzoga team New TXZ The Reel Xzoga team New TXZ is an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality and durable reel . What. Your precision machined aluminium main frame and rust proof anodic oxidation parts ensure their resistance to wear and corrosion. In addition, it...
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Reel Xzoga team TX-S

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Reel Xzoga team TX-S The Reel Xzoga team TX-S it's the perfect complement for the most demanding fishermen around the world. This reel has been designed with a unparalleled precision and strength , which makes him an excellent choice for more experienced fishermen . One of the most...

Reel Xzoga Gawas Killer Max

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The Reel Xzoga Gawas Killer Max it is made of a lightweight and strong aluminium body and offers exceptional performance in all fishing situations. Characteristics Other, of circular cross-section Lightweight and durable aluminium body, which guarantees exceptional strength, without...

Reel Xzoga GWS Killer Jigging

From Price €386.77
The Reel Xzoga GWS Killer Jigging is a fishing reel specifically designed for the jigging, a fishing technique that involves moving bait quickly up and down the water column, with quality components that ensure optimal performance even in the most demanding fishing conditions....