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Williamson Speed Pro Deep Lures

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Self-centering line-tie design Oval split rings, heavy-duty VMC hooks and laser-cut plate hook hangers. Auto-tune free-moving line-tie design is self-centering, automatically aligning the lure for consistent action at fast trolling speeds.

Jigs Williamson Speed metal 3

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The jigs Williamson Speed metal 3 have a size of 75 mm and have been designed with a torpedo shape. Its head has been designed to increase drag speed. In addition, Jet Speed Metal has a high quality and bright colors.
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Lure Williamson Live Ballyhoo Combo

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The lure Williamson Live by BallyHood Combo it's a classic assembly that comes pre-assembled and will bring a lot of life to your decoy chain. The head of the sailfish catcher adds great appeal to the Ballyhoo of Williamson, an irresistible combination for goldfish, tuna, etc....
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Williamson Sailfish Kit

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Enjoy the Williamson Sailfish Kit , one of the best kits available on the market for tuna fishing. It consists of 6 lures of impressionist colors and four exciters to mount them in front of the lure or multiple driver or exciter. The lure heads are designed to accommodate other light lures...
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Pulpito Williamson 11 cm. (5 units)

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The pulpits Williamson in different colours are usually used for species such as small tunas. 5 pulpits each.

Jig Williamson Albacore Feather 6

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The Jig Williamson Albacore Feather 6 it's designed in striking colors, to attract the attention of predators, perfect for trolling fishing. Characteristics Color: Calling, to attract predators. Use: Perfect for trolling fishing. Size: 165 mm. Depth: It sank.