Superligh Inline Hook 7238

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The hooks Superligh inline 7238 , Version without death of the simple hook. Recommended for capture and release fishing. Lightweight model for small / delicate predator species. Characteristics: Pack of 7 hooks.

Curved WMC hooks (10 pcs.)

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WMC Curvo black nickel hooks, for high performance. Extremely sharp Needle Cone Point. Unit of sale: 10 equal hooks.
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Straight hook VMC 3/0 (25 units)

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The VMC straight hook is designed for fine lures. It incorporates a Cone Cut tip that guarantees good penetration.

VMC 7237 Superlight Inline hooks

Price €3.30
Anzuelos VMC sencillos  diseñados para utilizar en lugar de un anzuelo triple sobre señuelos (señuelos duros, cucharas o jigs),para mejorar el rendimiento del anzuelo y la acción de natación del señuelo. De esta forma de reduce la posibilidad de quedarse enganchado.  Tiene un gran ojal para...

The Anzuelo VMC Curve 1x 7316 BN

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Price €4.95
Forged ringed worm hook VMC Curve 1x 7316 BN , it 's a very versatile model , ideal for slugs, worms, fine lures and creature baits. Plus it's plated TI, so it's recommended for salt water . What. Presentation: Blister is 50 units.

The Anzuelo VMC Curve 7317 BN

Price €3.63
The Worm Hook VMC Curve 7317 BN , is reinforced and is perfect for attracting predators from heavily covered areas, as its the tip is extremely sharp and tough. Perfect for salt water. Blister is 10 units.
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Lead VMC Camorashka Tugsteno Moscow

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The lead VMC Camorashka Tugsteno Moscow contribute to the improvement of bait fishing techniques. They have a ballast of your i would like to ask the commissioner whether he is prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure that this is done. Its structure of stainless steel ensure their...

Machinery for making pulp VMC 3531BK 10 units

Price €1.64
The Machinery for making pulp VMC 3531BK 10 units they're rotating turnstiles for lures, very light, so the lure moves naturally. Characteristics Other: Turntables, please. Weight: Minimum, to make the lure move more naturally. N1: it's six kilos. N2: eight kilos. Pack: 10...

Machinery for making pulp VMC 3526BK Rolling Duolock 9 units

Price €1.81
The Machinery for making pulp VMC 3526BK Rolling Duolock they're rotating turnstiles to hold decoys, and avoid entanglement in the line. Characteristics Rolling towels: Rotating screwdrivers, to hold lures that when rotated can entangle the line. Clamp: Included. N10: thirteen...
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The Anzuelo VMC 7237 BBN

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The The Anzuelo VMC 7237 BBN it's a deadly hook for catch and release. Characteristics Anzuelo 7237: Lust without death. Use: Para catch and release fishing. Needle Sharp: Sharp point. Other: Hi-Carbon, very tough. Without harpoon: He doesn't carry a harpoon....
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The Anzuelo VMC In Line TI

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The The Anzuelo VMC In Line TI it's a simple hook, increasingly used with lures for its effectiveness. Characteristics Anzuelo 7266: Simple hook, perfect for replacing the triple hooks of hurricane bait, jerkbait, or stickbaits. Staff: The use of simple hook is a popular trend for...