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Other Tubertini Green gorilla

From Regular price €19.00
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The Other Tubertini Green gorilla it is a prestigious monofilament with carbon texture, high stability and a strong molecular bond that gives the yarn unbeatable resistance to tension and knot, UV stability and low visibility under water. The advanced quality controls during manufacture and...
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Other Tubertini Tatanka Evo Silver

From Regular price €18.17
-€7.60 Price €10.57
The Other Tubertini Tatanka and Evo Silver is a state-of-the-art monofilament manufactured in 100% Fluorine , a fluoropolyamide with special properties to combine the best of nylon and fluorocarbon. He has one very high line and knot strength , in addition to very good abrasion resistance...
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Ap Tubertini Reel Power XPro

From Regular price €132.22
-€24.79 Price €107.43
The Tubertini AP Power X Pro reel is the evolution of the prestigious AP Power reel, in which some novelties have been introduced: the AP Power X Pro reel has double CLR oxidation and double row of holes , the spherical combat knob also has double CLR oxidation. The model 4000 has an...
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Tubertini reel Viral

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-€27.24 Price €63.63
The Tubertini Viral Reel belongs to a series of last generation reels built entirely in NCRT, Tubertini's ultra-lightweight material composed of carbon with titanium injection that allows to reduce the total weight of the reels by 25% and increase the resistance of the body and broken, which...

Tubertini Camo Strem rod

From Price €35.53
The Tubertini Camo Stream rod has a low fold, achieving a minimum measurement of 39 cm. The materials used make this rod a very light and fast option. Its small size allows for great portability and mobility along small rivers and mountain lakes. It is equipped with a Solid Tip, all sections...

Cane Tubertini Labrax spin

From Price €53.71
The sugar cane Tubertini Labrax spin is a semi-parabolic reed for the practice of spinning. It is designed to be able to use different lures, from vinyl to hard lures, allowing even the maximum action, the use of goats. This cane is mounted with wrapping rings on the tip and an Eva rubber...
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Tubertini Reel Concept D

Regular price €149.59
-€48.77 Price €100.82
The Tubertini Concept D Reel will go down in history as the first to mount a patented double needle system : in addition to the classic pick up needle, the innovation consists of a second fixed needle designed to prevent the monofilament or braid from slipping between the rotor and spool,...
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Cane Tubertini Finesse

Regular price €65.28
-€4.96 Price €60.32
The Tubertini Finesse rod , with an ultra-thin profile in two pieces with a spigot connection for ultra-light spinning fishing. Constructed in high modulus carbon, it presents a very harmonic and progressive load curve and its reactivity guarantees a great launching capacity and control of...
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Cane Tubertini Ballesta Evo

Regular price €31.40
-€3.31 Price €28.09
The Tubertini Ballesta Evo rod , improved in its resistance, comfort in the handling and precision in the ballesteo. A series of rods for all lovers of fishing in narrow rivers. Characteristics: Model 0B141 Measure: 1.30 m Sections: 1 Reel seat: Thread Rings: 3...
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Reel Tubertini Venum

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-€28.93 Price €67.76
The Tubertini Venum front brake reel is a reel with a small body and a rotor made of NCRT (carbon-titanium) that provides great rigidity and extraordinary lightness. It stands out for being very powerful and resistant, which makes it ideal for many types of fishing: from lake trout fishing,...
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Cane Tubertini Sea Born Twisted

From Regular price €115.69
-€25.62 Price €90.07
The Tubertini Sea Born Twisted rod is for fishing with light trolling, reliable and characterized by a very progressive and uniform load curve. It presents a thin profile and a new distribution of banding that greatly reduces the effort of lifting our large volume catches, as well as...
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Carrete Tubertini Zelios

From Regular price €33.88
-€4.96 Price €28.92
Tubertini Zelios front brake reels are robust, soft and very reliable. With an attractive design and very light, they are suitable for various fishing techniques: spinning, Bolognese, feeder both fresh water and at sea. Characteristics of the Zelios 2000 model : Ratio: 5.2: 1...
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Cane Tubertini Sphyraena

Regular price €80.16
-€5.79 Price €74.37
The Tubertini Sphyraena rod , is a series of fishing rods to spinning at sea, formed by two sections with NICI union. Being very thin, they are capable of developing great energy in the casting phase and an excellent power in the combat phase, even with large fish. They are equipped with...
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Reel Tubertini AP Power Yellow

From Regular price €109.91
-€23.97 Price €85.94
The Tubertini AP Power Yellow reel completes this prestigious series, sharing with previous models the characteristics of power and reliability, being lighter than its predecessors. High performance fixed spool reel, it has a sealed body to protect its precious mechanics from the aggressions...
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Tubertini Strobe Reel

Regular price €247.93
-€48.76 Price €199.17
The Tubertini Osirys front brake spool stands out for being very light and for its rolling coil. It is perfect for different types of fishing from slow jigging to salmon fishing with bait. Ratio: 6.8: 1 Capacity: 0.15mm-350m / 0.20mm-300m / 0.30mm-200m Bearings: 10 + 1 Brake...
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Reel Tubertini Drex

From Regular price €51.23
-€12.40 Price €38.83
The reel Tubertini Drex ,4+1 bearing fixed coil equipped with the latest Ryobi technologies / Tubertini, V-Shaped Rotor Arm, V-Shaped Large Spool, Slow Oscilation System, very powerful and reliable, is suitable for different types of fishing, from trout to Bologna, as well as ledgering and...
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Monofilament Tubertini 100% Fluorine Top Scorer

From Regular price €32.22
-€18.18 Price €14.04
Tubertini 100% Fluorine Top Scorer monofilament has optimum elasticity and very high knot resistance. This, together with a refraction in water very similar to fluorocarbon (water = 1.34 / fluorine = 1.41 / fluorocarbon = 1.37), which makes this monofilament practically invisible ....
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Manufacture from materials of any heading Tubertini It's called UC-4 Fluorocarbon

From Regular price €18.17
-€10.74 Price €7.43
The monofilament Tubertini It's called UC-4 Fluorocarbon it is perfect for both boat fishing and catching, thanks to its lightness and knot strength. The diameter is: other, of circular cross-section Resistance: 2,425/1,850 The diameter is: 0,140 mm Resistance: 3,780/2,520 The...
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Cane Tubertini Area Pro 5500 EX

From Regular price €93.38
-€23.14 Price €70.24
The reeds of the Area Pro 5500 EX series by Tubertini, are characterized by their sensitivity, strength and balance. It presents some finishes of first quality and has an excellent quality / price ratio. Built with Tubertini HPM (Progressive Modulus Carbon) technology, HPMs are fibers...
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Tubertini Techno Bleak rod

Regular price €56.19
-€5.79 Price €50.41
The Tubertini Techno Bleak rod has been specifically designed for the fishing of small fish, such as buffalo, bream and small bream. Very light and precise. It is a very balanced rod with a very rigid action. Thanks to the use of solid carbon dropouts, it has excellent sensitivity....
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Cane Tubertini Other

From Regular price €28.92
-€2.48 Price €26.44
The cane Tubertini Other with its small folding dimensions it is very easy to transport in a pleasure boat. Very reliable and balanced cane thanks to the double radial reinforcement visible on the surface of the sections. It can be used with weights up to 150 g. Pointer is a telescopic...
  • -€4.13

Cane Tubertini Poseydon

From Regular price €46.27
-€4.13 Price €42.14
The Tubertini Poseydon telescopic rod incorporates fiberglass plug-in ferrules . Designed for fishing from a boat, it has a reduced fold and double radial reinforcement. Mount a threaded reel holder and double bridge rings. Supports weights up to 150 g. Model 2.30 meters...
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Tubertini F1 507 rod

Regular price €413.21
-€99.17 Price €314.04
The new Tubertini F1 507 belongs to the Tubertini by Marco Volpi competition line. It has been developed using high modulus J carbon fibers with radial carbon reinforcements and low density resins. This rod comes in two sizes, 4.40 and 4.90 m, both with two second sections of...
  • -€20.66

Cane Tubertini Genetic Pro

From Regular price €222.31
-€20.66 Price €201.64
The tubertini Genetic Pro is the evolution of its predecessor, Genetic. It presents several novelties to satisfy all fishing needs from deep-sea fishing, drifting and even for competition. It has an ultra-thin grip, consists of 3 sections with NICI joints and comes equipped with two...