• -€26.66

Carrete Spinit Ras

Regular price €72.93
-€26.66 Price €46.27
El modelo de carrete Ras de Spinit , está fabricado en grafito de alta resistencia . El modelo Surf , presenta la bobina de aluminio del nº2 y el modelo Deep , presenta la bobina de aluminio nº4. Además, cuenta con antiretroceso infinito, guía hilos antitorsión y maneta...
  • -€28.22

Bright reel Spinit

Regular price €58.79
-€28.22 Price €30.57
Make the most of your fishing days by completing your equipment with the Bright model of Spinit , a reel that stands out for its strength and functionality. Aluminum metal body Aluminum coil with perforations Extra graphite coil Mechanized aluminum handle Anti-twist thread...
  • -€26.76

Spinit Blitz Reel

Regular price €50.72
-€26.76 Price €23.96
The Spinit Blitz reel is manufactured with high strength graphite body, with brake on the coil. The coil is made of aluminum and carbon, with the oversized thread guide with anti-torsion. The crank is folding ambidextrous. Specifications: Model 6400: Weight: 284 g. Ratio:...
  • -€44.74

Spinit Tiki Reel

Regular price €91.83
-€44.74 Price €47.10
El carrete de spinning Spinit Tiki tiene las siguientes características: Cuerpo metálico con tapas de grafito de alta resistencia. Mod. 8720-S bobina de aluminio de poca capacidad. Mod. 8780-D con bobina de alumino profunda del nº 10. Antiretroceso infinito. Guiahilos antitorsión. Maneta...
  • -€33.67

Spinit Skip 7700 Reel

Regular price €97.30
-€33.67 Price €63.63
The Spinit Skip 7700 reel , for Surfcasting fishing. Specs: Graphite body. With cast coil plus an extra coil. Infinite anti-reverse. Ergonomic knob. Anti-torsion thread guides. Machined aluminum handle. 6+1 ball bearings. Model 7700. Weight: 563 grams. Ratio: 4.6:1...
  • -€47.36

Spinit Air Surf Reel

Regular price €120.07
-€47.36 Price €72.72
The Spinit Air Surf reel, for surfcasting with 3 spools, high resistance graphite body, infinite anti-reverse, anti-torsion thread guide, machined aluminum handle. Specs: High resistance graphite body. With extra net-light aluminum spool of number 2 plus two extra spools, one made of...
  • -€39.83

Carrete Spinit Metal 5650

Regular price €129.90
-€39.83 Price €90.07
El carrete Spinit Metal para jigging, presenta el cuerpo contruído en grafito , la bobina de aluminio CNC y el antiretroceso infinito . Cuenta con el guía hilos antitorsión y la maneta de aluminio CNC con el pomo antideslizante. Características: Cuerpo de grafito....
  • -€17.98

Spinit Max Reel

From Regular price €44.41
-€17.98 Price €26.44
The new Max model by Spinit , it presents the body made of graphite , the aluminum spool   CNC with infinite backstop . It incorporates an anti- torsion thread guide and the CNC aluminum handle . Also, add the non- slip knob. Features: Graphite...
  • -€9.96

Spinit Tor Reel

From Regular price €41.36
-€9.96 Price €31.40
Spinit 's Tor reel features a metal chassis with graphite tops and a metal handle with direct threading to the crown . It has the aluminum coil and the infinite anti-reverse . In addition, it adds the anti-torsion thread guide, metal handle and five ball bearings . The...
  • -€19.19

Spinit Hop Reel

From Regular price €76.21
-€19.19 Price €57.02
Spinit 's Hop model features a high-strength graphite body with an aluminum spool. This reel is available in two models: 7700 S and 7700 D , incorporates infinite anti-reverse, anti-twist line guide, ergonomic knob and machined aluminum handle . It is ideal for the type of...
  • -€25.89

Spinit Win Reel

Regular price €83.74
-€25.89 Price €57.84
Spinit 's Win model is a reel designed for the Surfcasting modality. The body is Made of high strength graphite . Its T? Available in two models: 7700 S and 7700 D. The Surf model has a # 2 aluminum coil , an extra #2 Tef, and the Deep model has a #2 aluminum coil...
  • -€37.57

Spinit Fan Reel

From Regular price €104.50
-€37.57 Price €66.93
Spinit 's new Fan reel is ideal for surfcasting . Your body is made of graphite and the coil is CNC aluminum . This reel is Available in two models: 7700 S and 7700 D , with the lever machined from aluminium. Features: MOD. 7700 S: It has two extra Surf coils ....
  • -€17.89

Spinit Gat Reel

Regular price €49.29
-€17.89 Price €31.40
The Spinit Gat reel features a graphite body with a star brake and an aluminum spool. It has an aluminum crank, double lead and kinetic brake. This reel is available in two models: 6200 and 6200H . It is ideal for surfcasting fishing and perfect for both novice and experienced...
  • -€31.66

Spinit Jim Reel

From Regular price €95.29
-€31.66 Price €63.63
Spinit 's new Jim model is faster and lighter . The body of this reel is? made of graphite. It has a CNC aluminum spool , infinite anti-reverse, anti-torsion thread guide . In addition, it incorporates a CNC aluminum handle with a non-slip knob. Features: Body made of...

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