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Lure Salmo Hornet Rattlin

Price €5.78
The Salmo Hornet Rattlin artificial fish is a new version, which has an internal rattle, with crystal balls and a counterweight casting system, for long reach and KVD Elite treble hooks. Available in 3 sizes, and various colors.

Lure Salmo Wave

Price €7.43
The salmo Wave is a new decoy concept in both action and design. Specialized in spinning bass fishing, it allows very long casts and different actions depending on the speed and type of collection. Its stable swimming capacity stands out at any depth, even on the surface. Also valid for...
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Lure Salmo Jack

Regular price €11.56
-€3.47 Price €8.09
The Jack Salmo has been recognized as one of the most effective lures for a large pike. features Size: 18 cm Weight: 70 g Action: Sinking (S) Individually adjusted by hand and tested in tanks. VMC hooks Premium Black Nickel. Recommended mono / braided line: 0.35 / 0.23...
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Artificial fish Salmo Rattlin Pop 7 cm

Regular price €9.91
-€1.65 Price €8.26
The Artificial fish Salmo Rattlin Pop 7 cm it has a built-in sonar and 2 hooks. Characteristics Type of fishery: Para different fishing methods. Launch time: Get out of here. The bellman: Incorporated. Other: 2. Size: two inches. Weight: 12.5 grams .