Reproductores y señuelos

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Nordik Predator Deer Call

Price €31.40
Reproducer Nordik Predator that mimics a deer's distress call. This sound attracts the herd, which comes to their aid. Depending on how you use this player, it may also catch the attention of predators such as the wolf or call deer in heat. With the players Nordik Predator it will achieve...
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Nordik Predator Roe Deer Call

Price €22.31
It has been developed to call roe deers. It has two different sound levels to choose the best depending on what you need. Different sound of distress and danger.
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Reproducer Nordik Predator Wild game

Price €24.79
Reproducer Nordik Predator developed for the call of the wild boar. It makes a sound that mimics the boar when it is in an area where there is plenty of food. With the players Nordik Predator it will achieve great results. Each one offers a wide variety of sounds that you can use according...
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Nordik Predator Fox Plain Pain (Hands Free)

Price €13.21
Ther ultimate call from Nordik Predator's family. Easy to blow without using your hands. The design allows to hold it with your teeth keeping you hands free, so it can be used until you start shooting. This game call gives the sounds an extra dimension of pain and agony. The membrane is...
  • -€2.48
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Nordik predator Fox Call. Rodent Sound

Regular price €24.79
-€2.48 Price €22.31
This call has been developed to call foxes. It imitates the rodent squeaks, distress calls from rabbits and hares and fawn distress calls.