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Navaja Muela GT-8M Empuñadura Olivo

Regular price €80.61
-€13.62 Price €66.99
La navaja Muela GT-8M es una herramienta de calidad excepcional que combina diseño, funcionalidad y durabilidad. A continuación, detallaré las características clave y ventajas de esta navaja: 1. Empuñadura de Madera de Olivo: La empuñadura de madera de olivo no solo le confiere un aspecto...
  • -€2.71

Muela Sheath

Regular price €17.70
-€2.71 Price €14.99
Special manufactured sheath, designed for Muela folding knife of 9cm
  • -€9.58

Muela GL Folding Knife

Regular price €94.57
-€9.58 Price €84.99
Folding Knife with a blade of 9.5 cm. and lock system, made of extra sturdy Chrome- Molybdenum- Vanadium material Wood and brass handle of 12 cm. weight: 190 gr.
  • -€3.07


Regular price €30.06
-€3.07 Price €26.99
Scraper handle and wheels with the Zaldi brand rasp.
  • -€7.17

Cuchillo Enterizo Muela Ibex 8R

Regular price €52.16
-€7.17 Price €44.99
CUCHILLO MUELA DE GRAN CALIDAD, FABRICADO CON HOJA DE CROMO-MOLIBDENO-VANADIO DE GRAN DUREZA, TEMPLADO A 1.100ºC. Cuchillo enterizo con empuñadura de madera mikarta. Incluye funda de piel de cinturón. Longitud de la hoja: 8 cm. Longitud de la empuñadura: 9 cm. Peso: 140 g.
  • -€21.01


Regular price €58.00
-€21.01 Price €36.99
Skinner folding knife, with a sturdy 8 cm. Chrome- Molybdenum-Vanadium blade, tempered at 1,100 1º C. Wooden handle of 10 cm. Cordura sheath included.
  • -€21.75

Muela Ursus Knife

Regular price €176.74
-€21.75 Price €154.99
Muela knife with a blade of 26 cm. made of sturdy Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium, tempered at 1,100º C. and handle of 14 cm. Leather sheath included. Weight: 480 g.
  • -€31.67

Muela Podenquero Knife

Regular price €166.66
-€31.67 Price €134.99
Muela knife with a blade of 26 cm. made of sturdy Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium, tempered at 1,100ºC. and deer antler handle of 14 cm. Leather sheath included. Weight: 540 g.
  • -€11.90

Muela HG-S Axe

Regular price €78.89
-€11.90 Price €66.99
One-piece-blade stainless steel axe of 15 cm. Blade length: 15 cm. Blade length: 13 cm. Leather sheath included. Weight: 520 gr. One-piece blade.
  • -€11.20

Muela Explorer Machete

Regular price €106.19
-€11.20 Price €94.99
Muela machete with a blade of 32 cm, made of sturdy Chrome- Molybdenum- Vanadium, tempered at 1,100º C. Fiber handle with 13.5 cm. length. Cordura sheath included. Weight: 570 gr.

Muela Skinner Knife

Price €34.99
Lightweight skinner knife. Perfect to take with you because it ocuppies very little room and it is very useful. 440 steel blade and easy handling rubber handle. Handle length: 11,5 cm. Blade length 11,5 cm. Weight: 160 g.
  • -€18.87

Muela Gran Duque 25S Killing-off Knife

Regular price €185.86
-€18.87 Price €166.99
The most powerful in the market! Powerful and highly resistant Killing off knife. Its complete 25 cm. hard blade made of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium tempered at 1.100ºC, offers great security in each use. Deer antler handle It includes leather sheath. Handle length: 14 cm. Blade...
  • -€8.18

Muela Pointer-13A Knife

Regular price €80.17
-€8.18 Price €71.99
Muela knife with chromium vanadium blade of 12 cm length. Tempered at 1100 ºC. Deer antler handle. Includes a leather sheath. Handle's length: 11 cm. Blade's length: 12 cm.
  • -€5.31

Muela Outdoor Knife

Regular price €44.30
-€5.31 Price €38.99
New outdoor knife from Muela prestigious brand. Chrome vanadium 16 cm blade, tempered at 1000ºC. 11,5 cm wooden pressed handle. Includes a leather sheath. Weight: 270 g.
  • -€10.79

Muela Albar Knife

Regular price €105.78
-€10.79 Price €94.99
HIGH QUALITY MUELA KNIFE, WITH CHROME-MOLYBDENUM-VANADIUM BLADE, TEMPERED AT 1.100ºC. Deer antler handle. Includes leather sheath. Handle length: 13 cm. Blade length: 18 cm.

Muela Viper 11G Knife

Price €36.99
Skinner knife with MoVa SS blade and non-slip ruber grip. Includes leather sheath. Handle length: 11 cm. Blade length: 11 cm. Weight: 180 g.
  • -€15.83

Muela Bowie knife antler auction

Regular price €152.82
-€15.83 Price €136.99
Equip yourself in full for your hunting days with the quality of Muela knives. Single blade knife, specially developed for the auction and hunting. Sheet made of MoVa steel (1.4116), it is dagger-type, double-edged and finished in fine tip: penetrating and piercing. The handle is...
  • -€39.52

Muela knife 60th Anniversary

Regular price €214.51
-€39.52 Price €174.99
Get this fantastic knife and complete your hunting or adventure team with an exclusive piece of collection. Edition signed, numbered and limited to 999 units on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Muela. 10 cm American Maple Root Handle 8 cm high quality stainless steel blade With...
  • -€15.55

Conjunto de Cuchillos Muela Bowie BW22 y BW10

Regular price €146.54
-€15.55 Price €130.99
El Conjunto de Cuchillos Muela cuenta con hojas de acer y empuñaduras de madera prensada, con un resistente pomo de latón. Incluye funda de cuero tipo canguro. Especificaciones: Cuchillo Principal: Longitud del mango: 12.5 cmr Longitud de la hoja: 22 cmr Peso: 465 gr...
  • -€9.01

Classic Muela Knife

Regular price €64.00
-€9.01 Price €54.99
The Classic Muela Knife has a walnut wood handle and a steel blade. Handle length: 10cm Blade length: 9cm Weight: 80g Includes sanity sheath.
  • -€8.89

Muela knife Husky

Regular price €84.88
-€8.89 Price €75.99
The Muela Husky knife has the following characteristics: One-piece hunting knife, with stainless steel blade. Black micarta scales (very light material that stands out for its hardness and resistance. Withstands corrosion, extreme temperatures, humidity, blows…). Hole for fastener....
  • -€10.19

Muela Serreño knife

Regular price €168.18
-€10.19 Price €157.99
The Muela Serreño knife has the following characteristics: Finishing knife. One-piece blade in 440 stainless steel and stag horn handle with rosette. Brass and stainless steel fender. Includes leather sheath. Handle length: 13.5 cm. Blade length: 22 cm. Weight: 240g.
  • -€18.88

Muela Kodiak knife

Regular price €94.87
-€18.88 Price €75.99
The Muela Kodiak solid knife has a Drop Point style blade, made of MoVa stainless steel (considered one of the most resistant in the world), with a straight edge specially prepared to make clean cuts. Ergonomic Micarta handle. Measures: Handle length: 11cm. Blade length: 10 cm....

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