Focus Intova Tovatec Fusion

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The flashlight Tovatec Fusion , has a self-government who makes it ideal for diving days with low visibility. In the event of of a kind used in motor vehicles, with only use the extender of canister which is included with the product and two AA batteries (not included), it gives...
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Intova Compact Torch II Flashlight

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The Intova Compact Torch II flashlight is the natural evolution of the legendary Tovatec Compact focus. Its T? Made of anodized aluminum for maximum durability . Thanks to its 285 lumens , its resistance and its reliability , it can be used as a main focus ? of support . With...
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Focus Intova Tovatec T3500 S

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The focus Tovatec T3500 S of Intova , is only in the sector , for his compact size and high power . What. Without a doubt, it's a big spotlight for its size and performance , which will guide the dives of many divers, for a long time. It is characterised by it is one of the most...
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Intova Sparkave Sdive E1 Spotlight

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The Sparkave Sdive E1 spotlight from Intova is a handheld diving spotlight that offers up to 1200 lumens with a concentrated beam of 10 . This type of spotlight has characteristics suitable for any type of diver . In addition, with its 3 power levels, it is a useful spotlight...
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Focus Intova Riff M1800

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The New Focus Riff M1800 of Intova , is manufactured in aluminium corrosion resistant , for one long term . What. It's an f hollow with a perfect size and with a high power , with a ideal value for money . What. In addition, it is available in two colors. Characteristics It...

Intova Riff TL Focus

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Intova 's RIFF TL spotlight can be used as a primary beam with maximum performance. In addition, it is suitable for night sites , due to its great power and autonomy, and of course suitable for day diving, to be able to see in caves and nooks and crannies. Model TL 3000 MK3:...
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Intova Riff TL Maxi Spotlight

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The Riff TL Ma x i spotlight from Intova , is it? Made of anodized aluminum, and incorporates an excellent finish with a very careful image , it is undoubtedly one of the spotlights that will make a difference in this sector . It is a handheld primary focus , with a...