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Imperator Bullet Cartridges

Price €10.57
Manufactured with a selection of gun powders, for a perfect burning. Fiocchi case and plunger. Perfectly shaped felt gun wadding, providing it with great shot stability and excellent precision.

Monofilamento Fluorocarbon Imperator Magnum

From Price €13.21
El Monofilamento IMPERATOR fluorocarbon MAGNUM es un copolímero recubierto de fluorocarbono, lo que le confiere un índice de refracción similar al del agua, lo que le hace PRÁCTICAMENTE INVISIBLE Destaca además por su increíble resistencia a la abrasión y por su escasa elasticidad....

Cartuchos Imperator en Perdigon 00

Price €9.25
Sensacionales para la caza del zorro y otros animales similares. La carga de 00 de 4,50 mm de diámetro de plomo cobreado los convierten en unos de los mejores cartuchos que se han fabricado en estos perdigones. Caja de 10 cartuchos. Pedido mínimo 10 cajas en total, del mismo modelo de cartucho o...
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Asso Imperator Invisible Monofilament

Price €22.31
The ultimate braided line! Only after several years of investigation and tests, perfection has been achieved. This level of performance was never seen before, incomparable resistance and 0 memory effect. Excellent behavoiur against abrasion, its transparency makes it almost invisible. This...

Imperator cartridges. 40 grs. Special for Woodcock

Price €20.49
The most effective on the market for deaf or hard of hearing hunting in the woods. They will give you extraordinary power and maximum performance in short and fast shots. His felt club gets a wide plume and a marked increase in the chances of success. Same with non-magnum shotguns. Box of...
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Imperator Dispersing Cartridges

Price €13.21
Para short distances A classic and successful Imperatormodel. Manufactured with maximum performance in mind for a high load and which must also disperse quickly. The combination of its high muzzle velocity and its wide plumbing make this model Imperator your infallible ally when hunting...
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Imperator Speed Cartridges. 30 grs

Price €10.49
This cartridge has been manufactured with semi- progressive double-based powder. Moderate pressure. Fiocchi case and plunger. Gualandi super G-19 gun wadding.With advanced fracture. Wide pattern for hunting.
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Imperator Special Cartridges. 34 grs.

Price €11.81
This cartridge has been manufactured with progressive-moderate double- based powder, allowing a higher shooting performance. Fiocchi case and plunger. Gualandi G-19 and G-17 gun wadding, according to the amount of pellets. Wide and dense pattern.
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Imperator High Speed Cartridges. 36 grs.

Price €13.96
Very powerful, they are manufactured with double-base progressive gunpowder, the most suitable for launching heavy loads at very high speed without exceeding the pressure allowed to be fired with normal shotguns. Super-reinforced 25 mm backrest. Plastic stick container with predetermined fin...

Imperator Semimagnum Cartridges. 40 grs.

Price €20.49
One of the most powerful cartridges for shotguns owning a chamber of 70 mm. Aimed to those looking for effective and strong ammunition. 40 grams of power that will not deceive at all.
  • -€4.10

Imperator Track Collimator

Regular price €70.21
-€4.10 Price €66.11
It will allow you to grade scopes for your rifles, pistols and revolvers in the quickest and easiest way, saving money and ammunition. You4ll only have to introduce the ramrod into your firearm4s barrel and align scope reticles and collimator. Check out your results at the shooting field. It...
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Fish Imperator Match Caliber 4.5

Price €6.02
The Balinese Imperator Match are manufactured in Germany with the strictest quality controls and precision. They guarantee results never before achieved. Designed for maximum accuracy, their features, finish, weight make them the best choice for both competition and general use. OF A...
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Imperator Plus Pellets

From Price €6.27
Fish Imperator Plus, manufactured in Germany with the strictest quality controls and precision, will guarantee you results never before achieved. Maximum penetration Its peak finish provides it with unmatched penetration. At the time of impact, to this must be added its incredible expansion,...
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Imperator Beating Cartridge. 30 gr. Split Shot 7

Price €10.32
Made and designed thinking in the maximum performance, high speed and low recoil. It's an unique and uncomparable cartridge for this hunting modality. You will achieve surprising results with 0 fatigue for your shoulder. Available in split-shot 7. 25 cartridges per box.
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Imperator Dispersing Cartridges. 32gr

Price €12.64
Designed for those hunters who are looking for a cartridge with wide plumage and quick dispersal of the pellets. It offers optimal ballistic performance, consistent firing, minimal residue on the weapon and high smoothness and comfort. 16 mm reinforced backrest. Available in cartridges 5,...
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Balines Imperator Match Calibre 5,5

Price €4.54
Los balines Imperator Match están fabricados en Alemania con los más estrictos controles de calidad y precisión. Garantizan unos resultados nunca antes obtenidos. Diseñados para conseguir la máxima precisión, sus características, terminación, peso... les convierten en la mejor opción...
  • -€14.46

Imperator POWER multifilament

From Regular price €57.84
-€14.46 Price €43.38
The IMPERATOR POWER Multifilament is a braided line made up of 8 PE fibers, which gives it a uniform and round diameter, along with extraordinary resistance. Dark green in color , it is perfect for spinning or light jigging. Its special treatment gives it a durability well above that...

Imperator Magnum Cartirdges. 50 grs

Price €10.49
Para those looking for power and range. Due to their length and power, they should only be fired from shotguns chambered in Magnum (76 mm). Box of 10 cartridges. Minimum order 10 boxes. Shipping costs up to 30 boxes: 7.99 euros. From 30 boxes, please enquire. Delivery in mainland Spain....

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