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Camouflage network

Price €27.26
The best cloaking system known. Designed by military experts and professional hunters, it has been tested with great success in forests and jungles around the world. Made with specially selected colors to achieve the greatest possible degree of camouflage and a special treatment that...

Red Allen Mossy Oak camouflage

Price €41.31
The network Allen from Mossy Oak Camouflage it consists of a leafy, die-cast material that imitates the natural environment. Characteristics Very light and easy to handle, cut or modify to fit our needs. Its die-cast material provides a natural movement. The Mossy Oak Infinity...
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Wild Boar Scouting Clock

Regular price €48.76
-€7.45 Price €41.31
Practical and efficient system to know the exact time of wild boar transit. The watch is vertically placed on the trailing zone.Its acorn-like shape will attract wild boars. When hit by a wild boar, it will automatically stop working, so you will know the exact time for wild boar hunting access.
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Regular price €78.43
-€8.19 Price €70.24
This digital watch for waiting , will allow you to know and record the passage of up to 64 wild boars, in the place where you plan to wait. Set the clock; when the boar touches it in the slightest, it will record the time it has occurred, storing up to 64 different movements or passes . What....
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Smell barrier sheets for crops. 10 sheets

Price €16.52
Very safe and effective to protect your crops from wild animals (boars, deer, roe deer...) A line of aluminum foil is placed every 8-12 m throughout the area it's a way for the animals and some sheets to get into the cropland and get impregnated with the scent spray. The combination of smell,...
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Hunting Blind

Regular price €74.37
-€8.26 Price €66.11
Display - hunting ground made of high quality canvas, with camouflage finish. It's very light. Easy and comfortable to transport. Fully foldable, it closes with a strap so you can hang it on your shoulder and carry it comfortably. Easy and quick assembly and disassembly. Stop it one...
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Virux Strike Umbrella

Regular price €37.15
-€9.88 Price €27.26
El paraguas sombrilla de grandes dimensiones, es un impresionante paraguas de 2,20 m de diámetro ¡cubre por completo al cazador y todo su equipo! Puede usarlo tanto sentado como de pie. Con punto de inflexión, para poder inclinarlo según las necesidades. Su color verde, le hace pasar...
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Digital Grano Dispenser

Regular price €82.56
-€24.72 Price €57.84
The most comfortable and safe system for feeding animals!! The indispensable complement to any hunter. Fully customizable to your needs: You'll be able to feed 1 to 4 times a day. Adjustable feed rate from 1 to 30 seconds. Easy and comfortable digital watch. The automatic memory...

Roll Classic Camo Green-Brown

Price €148.75
Roll Classic Camo Green-Brown Camouflage fabric that simulates leaves with a classic cut. It is characterized by its lightness and its resistance to changing weather conditions. Perfect for various situations offering a very good camouflage. Features Width: 1.5 meters Length:...

Classic Camo 3D Roll

Price €164.46
Classic Camo 3D Roll Fabric that offers camouflage for various situations. Classic cut that simulates the leaves. Very light and resistant to any weather situation. Features Width: 1.25 meters Length: 25 meters Colour: Classic Camo 3D