Crockery and Glassware

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Glassware for Spirits

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Excellent glassware set for spirits, including a liquor bottle and 6 carved liquor glasses decorated with hunting scenes.
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Six Cups of Wine in a Gift Box

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The 6 glasses of wine set it comes in a fancy it's a gift box. These are finely carved cups, with different animals and scenes of nature. A personalized gift for lovers of hunting or nature. Capacity is 240 ml.
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Salt and pepper game

Price €20.65
The game of salt and pepper it's an impressive set, presented in a luxury gift box. Each boat measures 10 cm and is finely decorated with different hunting scenes.
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Game of Oil and Vinegar

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The game of oil and vinegar it's an original glass set, with hunting engravings and a wooden cap. He presents himself in a stylish it's a gift box.