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Boots Chiruca Female

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The boots Chiruca Female they stand out for their lightness, perfect for hiking in the mountains. Characteristics Made from waterproof saw skin. Cordura® water-repellent: It is a natural-looking, highly abrasion-resistant synthetic fabric. In addition, it is mainly characterized by a...
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Boots Chiruca Troll Gore-Tex Child

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The boots Chiruca The Gore-Tex Troll they are the best option so that children can enjoy walking and playing in a totally safe way. Characteristics Waterproof saw skin: Perfect for contact with water. Cordura® water-repellent: It is a natural-looking, highly abrasion-resistant synthetic...
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Mountain boots Paredes Kosciu

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The mountain boots Paredes Kosciu they are noted for their comfort and robustness hunting, hiking, mountain hiking and other outdoor activities. They're made of waterproof leather, with a half-can cut. They're modern in design and waterproof. Characteristics It presents a sole...
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Boots Chiruca Dynamic Gore-Tex®

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The boots Dynamic of Chiruca with Not less than € 5 for man , are manufactured with waterproof nobuck skin , so they will provide the durability and the climatic comfort you need. In addition, they are designed for the most adverse climatic conditions on any type of surface....
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Boots Chiruca It's called Xacobeo Gore-Tex

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The boots Other of Chiruca for man , are manufactured in waterproof saw skin and count on Cordura® water repellent . What. In addition, they are mainly characterized by having a light weight , one soft touch natural-looking and flexible , with high sweating capacity . They are...
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Boots Chiruca Gore-Tex pantyhose woman

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The boots Chiruca It 's Gore-Tex panties they fit perfectly to the sole of women's feet and are the best choice for long hiking trails or any other sport in which you may be in contact with water. Characteristics Waterproof nobuck skin, perfect for contact with water. Cordura®...
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Mountain boots Paredes Frozen

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The Mountain boots Paredes Frozen have been made of nobuck leather, with a structure designed for lovers of hunting, mountains, hiking, hiking and the countryside . What. It offers the best comfort for long walks, as it fits perfectly to the feet. It has an EVA sole to promote...
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Boots Regatta Garsdale Junior

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The boots Regatta i 'm sorry have the following characteristics: Made of synthetic leather and mesh. Waterproof with an ISOTEX membrane. Reinforcements on the way. EVA rubber sole with excellent grip on all types of terrain.