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It's called a monocular vortex

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The It's called a monocular vortex it 's a viewfinder compact, light and easy to handle . What. It incorporates a MRAD-based range grid for accurate range estimation and firing calls. Thanks to its powerful optical system sharp and bright images in any situation . What. Thanks to its...
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Monoculars Bushnell The legend

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The monocular Bushnell The Legend HD 10x42 it is characterised by its great lightness and small size, which make it very manejable.Destaca it is also renowned for its extraordinary sharpness thanks to the ED Prime glass used in its optics and the Ultra Wide Band Rainguard HD treatment, the...

Shilba Zoom 8-24X40 Monocular

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The Shilba Zoom 8-24X40 monocular is perfect for observing birds, animals, landscapes, sports ... Thanks to its multilayer lenses and Bak-7 prisms, this monocular guarantees great image quality in any type of environment. In addition, kha has been manufactured under the strictest quality...

Monoculars with Zoom 7 -17x30

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The monocular Zoom 7-17x30 it's small and lightweight, so you can carry it around comfortably on your hunting days. Its 7 to 17 zoom allows you to see down to the smallest detail. Specifications Increases: 7 to 17 times. The objective diameter is 30 mm. Prisms by Bak-4. It's...