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Full Pony team

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The synthetic material from which this product is made full equipment for Pony , makes it a lightweight but very resistant chair, as well as making it very easy to clean and maintain. English chair with front wing and back. Includes belt, stock, stirrups and cover. Color: it's black.
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Full team Pony Status

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Full equipment for Pony Status perfect for the little ones thanks to the front handle it incorporates designed to facilitate mounting. It includes: Screw you. The stock. Stripes, please. Color: It's black.
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General use chair Marjoman Status Pad Pony

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The pony seat Marjoman Status Pad , is made of synthetic material resistant and durable , which is fitted to the body of the horse to ensure the comfort of the rider and the horse. Characteristics Manufacture from synthetic materials resistant and durable high quality. Lightweight...